We speak the same language with our colleagues and customers!


Dear colleagues! We are glad to inform you that within the framework of our strategic project “100 leaders of new generation trained for the strategy implementation” we have developed the Corporate English Language Training Policy – a very important document for all the staff members of the “Volga-Dnepr” group of …


“Confident of Future!”


This was the conclusion made by the company newcomers invited to the adaptation seminar together with the company executives. The event took place within the Corporate University format – the School for New Company Employees – in November in Moscow.  Sergey Shklyanik, Senior Vice-President and Tatiana Arslanova, Vice-President on …


Confident in communication!

Two November days were devoted to “Effective Communication”. The training was conducted within the Marketing and Sale School on November 24, 25 in Moscow. The participants learnt active listening techniques, ways to overcome communication barriers, gained other useful information. – I would like to thank our teacher Anna Shevtsova! …


Managing emotions

Another training within the Corporate University PA School was held on November 27 in Moscow. It was devoted to The Prophylaxis of the Job Burnout, Emotions Management, Positive Thinking and Self-motivation. The training was conducted by the school manager Anna Shevtsova. – Stress is the natural biological mechanism which protects the human …


Effective and long-term procurements


On 20 November there was held a seminar “Long-term procurements” with Denis Ilyin, the Executive President of ABC, as a trainer. The seminar was organized within the framework of procurement school of the Corporate University. Denis Ilyin spoke about perspective objectives in ABC and about the role of the procurement team in their …


To Digest Knowledge You Should Be Hungry!


“Teaching requires more intellect than learning” Michel de Montaigne A five-day course for Corporate University in-house trainers from Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Shanghai and Frankfurt raised the curtain of the Training Kitchen. The course was conducted by the IATA trainer Miki Lane.   This was the top-level course for our corporate teachers for them …


The First Doors Open Day in AMTES GmbH

“Transfer of Knowledge and Experience in honor of the 25th Anniversary of Volga-Dnepr Group” – this was the motto of the first Doors Open Day held by AMTES GmbH on October 11, 2015 for families, relatives and friends of the company employees. Despite the cold weather an interesting program of the event attracted more than 200 …


Eliciting Knowledge!

Within the realization of the company strategic project “Field-Specific Knowledge Center” global knowledge elicitation on all the company functions and processes has started in both charter and regular VD businesses. The pilot project realized in VDTM last June showed that the company employees were truly engaged in the knowledge elicitation …


Training is going on!


The third module of the training program “Volga-Dnepr Future Leaders” was held on 21-24 September in Moscow. The first-day teacher Svetlana Samoletova, the Deputy Director of Corporate Education Department conducted the training on “Emotional Intelligence”. It was aimed at increasing the level of the participants’ emotional …


Human is again… a factor


September 29 was marked by another seminar in the School of Accident Prevention addressing the issue of “Aviation Transport Reliability Management as the Key Element of Accident Prevention on the Machine Factor”.  At the very beginning the focus was shifted to the Human factor, though. This was how J.Malevinsky, the School leader, adviser and …