To Digest Knowledge You Should Be Hungry!

“Teaching requires more intellect than learning”
Michel de Montaigne

IMG-20151030-WA0009A five-day course for Corporate University in-house trainers from Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Shanghai and Frankfurt raised the curtain of the Training Kitchen. The course was conducted by the IATA trainer Miki Lane.  

This was the top-level course for our corporate teachers for them to be proficient in sharing their knowledge and experience with their colleagues.
The course materials conveyed the importance and tools of goal-setting in training, so all the participants found it useful, although they varied much in needs and teaching experience. The trainees were given the venue to create their sample training programs and present them to colleagues. Having behind a 40-year experience in development and delivery of training programs Miki Lane noticed that the group of VD teachers spoke the same language as they were motivated by common goals. The teamwork was very fruitful as the team members used company-specific examples.

This is how the participants commented on the course:

Julia Celetaria, the Leading Specialist in Customer Service, “AirFreightLogistics” LTD, Germany:

 I was so eagerly consuming the information about lesson structuring, what to begin and finish it with to deliver the program content more efficiently. Personal contacts with our corporate trainers and knowledge sharing will also be very beneficial for my job. 

Antony Lu, the Deputy Manager on Aircraft and Cargo Ground Handling,“AirBridgeCargo”  LTD, China (Shanghai):

 On the first training day I thought about how difficult it was to make a training course. But on the second day I was happy to get specific instructions and a toolkit on how to do it. I really want to learn how to set the priorities right on the training materials and how to manage the trainees’ attention engaging them into the process with interesting presentations and visual aids.

Dmitriy Bogachyov, the Head of Aviation Security Department, “AirBridgeCargo” LTD, Russia:

– I was interested to learn the entire ADDIE cycle on training organization and delivery, which I plan to implement in my training course. Our groupwork was very useful as it helped to see the course delivery with the different perspective. I am impressed with the methods our teacher is using, his charismatic personality and subtle humor which make the process balanced and dynamic.  

This 5-day course was just the beginning of the training for the participants. A lot more of interest is still ahead, as to be certified as the IATA trainers they have to develop their own training programs. VD Corporate University wishes the colleagues ongoing development and improvement in their work performance.