Training is going on!

VDA_6817The third module of the training program “Volga-Dnepr Future Leaders” was held on 21-24 September in Moscow.

The first-day teacher Svetlana Samoletova, the Deputy Director of Corporate Education Department conducted the training on “Emotional Intelligence”. It was aimed at increasing the level of the participants’ emotional self-consciousness. This can help to manage people, influence them more efficiently, make well-minded decisions, be able to feel and consider their emotional needs and barriers. The future leaders learnt that emotional intelligence is a physical ability to realize and perceive the emotional roots and act appropriately guiding employees thinking and behavior.

VDA_6401The second training day was devoted to “Economy, Finance and Accounting in VD Group”.
The company employees (VDM) took the role of teachers:
Rasym Shakirov, the leading economist on functional-cost analysis made a presentation on “Economy and Management Accounting”;
Alexey Batov, the Head of the Corporate Finance Department presented “Financial Management”;
Sergey Bardychev, the Accounting Director, and Vladimir Ostroumov, the Head of the Corporate Financial Reporting Department spoke about “The International Standards of Accounting”;
Anastasia Chupryna, the leading economist on Financial Accounting Methodology and Automation drew participants’ attention to “Capital investment in VD Group”.
During the training course the future leaders had an opportunity to practice the new knowledge and test their comprehension.

VDA_6751The third day started with some changes – the acting company executives joined the class. The participants were divided into two “city-teams” with speaking names, for example “Knowledgeberg” or “Recogniville”. They had to study the new format of the employment agreement, choose the city mayor, think of an appropriate slogan and make a presentation on the topic “Why our city is the best”. The next task was meant to coordinate the teams’ efforts and lay the way to “Labour City”, and they succeeded.
– Everybody was open to discussion, so we met the deadline, – says Galina Vekshinskaya, the Deputy of Commercial Director, ABC.
– I am satisfied with the progress now; it used to take more time, – noticed George Sokolov, the Sales Director in VD UK.
VDA_6983Then the chief executives shared their experience and gave valuable advice… for example, what to do if you encounter an executive in the elevator – how to inform, clarify something or make an appointment…
Sergey Shklyanik, VD Group Senior Vice-president shared his viewpoint: You can pursue two purposes – the first is self-presentation. It’s a chance to get acquainted, especially for those who work remotely. The second is a chance to provoke the executive’s interest for another meeting by a well-formulated question. Avoid questions which require a thoughtful answer. Also, it’s a bad manner to try to get the docs signed in the elevator. 
Sergey Pedan, Vice-president added: Try to identify the executive’s state of mind. It’s very important.
After passing successfully a five-hour test on project management the future leaders were granted PM Expert Certificates.
VDA_6919_2Further on the training baton was passed to the Company President Alexey Isaykin. He spoke about “The new format of the employment agreement”. The president called it the tool of success and reasoned its necessity: I am convinced that this tool comprises the recipe for success.
The president then took some time to answer the questions of the future leaders.
The Project Management Committee “100 New Generation Leaders” crowned the third training day. Its participants – acting company executives and future leaders worked in teams. They completed the management competency model with the requirements to the notion “leader”, defined this notion and discussed the elements of the company environment that could contribute to leaders fostering.

The final training day started with the presentation of Denis Ilyin, the ABC Executive President. His presentation was devoted to customers’ service. He spoke about international logistics market and its development tendencies.
The conversation was maintained by R.Van de Veg, the Senior Vice-president on Sales and Marketing who shared information about clientele segmentation in ABC.
Denis Gliznutsa, the Company Vice-president addressed the issue of charter clients.
Ivan Strelnikov, the commercial project manager of Volga-Dnepr Airline shared the lessons taught during his training in Kühne&Nagel and made presentation on “Increasing values = bringing benefits”.
The training participants welcomed the event special guest – the President of Boeing Company in Russia VDA_7225Sergey Kravchenko who shared the Company experience in customer service and leaders fostering. He stressed the point that leaders can be found at every level, and that in modern society every manager should be a leader to grow and develop new leaders. Sergey Kravchenko disclosed the six secrets of Boeing leadership – 1) profound studies of the market and customers; 2) the best product strategy (product profile, launch time); 3) innovations; 4) the best integration of complex systems; 5) super-efficient manufacturing  (Lean, Boeing Global Production System); 6) people working as one big team, leadership, personnel proficiency.
The future leaders agreed that the third training module was a success.

Now we clearly understand what the leader for our company is! – said Lilia Khusnutdinova.

You can download presentations here, and video here.

Webinar “The Final Result Format” is scheduled for 2-10 November.  
The forth module of the training program “Adaptive Organization. Design and Management” is scheduled for 1-4 December 2015.