The First Doors Open Day in AMTES GmbH

_HF_1631_cut“Transfer of Knowledge and Experience in honor of the 25th Anniversary of Volga-Dnepr Group” – this was the motto of the first Doors Open Day held by AMTES GmbH on October 11, 2015 for families, relatives and friends of the company employees. Despite the cold weather an interesting program of the event attracted more than 200 people.

During the Doors Open Day all the visitors were able to get acquainted with corporate mission and values of AMTES GmbH and Volga-Dnepr Group, talk with the company’s management and take a look at operational facilities. AMTES GmbH employees who acted as the guides told the visitors about the history and key business activities of the company. The most highlighting moment of the event was the walk-around tour to AN-124-100 aircraft where everybody had the chance to take a picture near the aircraft and even at captain’s seat.

Special events were arranged for children. They were able to have fun at bounty castle and take part in drawing workshops. Another event of the Doors Open Day was the awarding of winners and participants of Mommy, Daddy and the Plane group-wide contest. Little painters admired the presents and got inspired for further works.

Visitors of the Doors Open Day also enjoyed delicious food cooked by the company employees. It was not possible to choose the winner of Bake It Yourself contest because all pies were both tasty and nice-looking._HF_1903_cut

Till October 19, 2015 the company runs the contest for the best photo from the Doors Open Day. The winner will be awarded with the memorable gift.
The Doors Open Day became a real entertainment arranged by AMTES GmbH employees for their families, friends and for themselves. The first experience is considered as very successful.

For details we addressed the Managing Director of AMTES GmbH Ildar Ilyasov.

– Ildar, can you tell us please whose idea it was to organize an event devoted to knowledge sharing?

– The Year of Knowledge in Volga-Dnepr Group is the idea of Alexey Isaykin, the president of Volga-Dnepr Group. We have never had the Doors Open Day for the company employees and their families here in AMTES. And we wanted to celebrate the 25th Anniversary with something remarkable – to share knowledge and experience with our families in the first place, for them to understand where and what we spend a lot of our time for.

Ильясов– Bearing in mind the idea of the event, how do you think you managed it?

– The benefit of such events is hard to deny. It was our first try and I think we managed it well. Sharing knowledge and experience you acquire new knowledge and experience and it becomes an ongoing process. Hopefully we will continue that way and not only for our employees and their families, but also for customers, partners, providers. We are planning to start the year 2016 with knowledge elicitation process to be performed by the members of The Knowledge Center project team.

– How did the participants feel about the event?

– They were all quite happy to get the idea of what their mom or dad were occupied with. Now not only our employees but also their families are proud of their work. And it is very important and motivating to be surrounded by people who understand the value of what you do. Also, the employees themselves were interested to learn more about work of other departments.

– Thank you Ildar. And good luck in that challenging yet rewarding business – knowledge sharing!