We speak the same language with our colleagues and customers!

Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform you that within the framework of our strategic project “100 leaders of new generation trained for the strategy implementation” we have developed the Corporate English Language Training Policy – a very important document for all the staff members of the “Volga-Dnepr” group of companies, which was approved by the President of the Group Aleksey Isaykin on 11 November, 2015.

Volga-Dnepr Group is a global company whose success and development is possible only if all its managers and personnel speak the same language with their colleagues and customers from all over the world! And this language is English.

The policy contains a detailed description of learning principles: the principle of obligation, the principle of the unified requirements, the principle of the employee’s personal responsibility and other important principles.

Please click the link to review the approved policy here.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have any questions:

– Galina Isaykina,head of corporate education dept. (tel. 1116);
– Olga Sadykova, deputy director of corporate education dept.,  mandatory education (tel. 2351).