Our advantages


Assessment results are reflected in training and development plans.

Professionalism and expertise

A team of professionals with experience in the evaluation, development and training with more than 10 years of expertise and a data bank for comparison of aviation logistics industry


Experience in international assessment teams and employees on 5 continents

Focus on Innovation

In-house development and testing of assessment tools. Successful launching of initiatives aimed at personnel development.

Environmentally friendly

All instruments fully comply with company values and goals. Company environment contributes to personnel development.

Modern Equipment

Well-equipped classrooms and professional facilities.

Our Services

To get more information and advice on the formation of internal corporate environment which can lead to development of the personnel in your company, you can write to us at:

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Our projects

Development and implementation of trainings for each management competence

Development and implementation of training programs for management reserve

Introduction of technique of working with IDP (individual development plans)

Organization and carrying out of the contest "Best in Profession", aimed at promoting the key occupations in the company

Organization and carrying out creative competition called "Festival of Talents"

Formation of the managerial reserve of the company: operational, prospective and strategic reserve of the company is determined ("Future Leadres of Volga-Dnepr" project)