Development Center is Volga-Dnepr Group Corporate University Department Subdivision aimed at:

  • Ensuring creation of in-company environment necessary for and promoting staff development.
  • Promoting building balanced and effective teams to implement the company strategic objectives and projects.
  • Sharing and maintaining knowledge of the company employees in the field of competence development level, personal traits, preferred team roles, etc.

Development Center is:

  • Development and arrangement of training courses on each management competence.
  • Formation of the company management reserve: operational, perspective and strategic company reserve distinguished.
  • Development and implementation of a training program for the management reserve.
  • Development and implementation of mentoring.
  • Preparation and arrangement of the “Best in Profession” professional competition aimed at the popularization of the key company positions.
  • Preparation and arrangement of the “Festival of Talents” creativity competition aimed at creation of creativity environment in the company.
  • Organization and arrangement of individual and team mentoring.