Individual development plan (IDP) is a document which represents the main events aimed at career individual and professional employee’s development necessary for the current or prospective position in the company.

 IDP target audience:

  • executives of all levels;
  • employees forming the executive/management reserve;
  • certain categories of employees (can be developed upon their own or their supervisor’s initiative).

Aims of forming and dealing with IDP:

  • employee’s individual career “roadmap” development and realization;
  • introducing a systematic and results-oriented employees’ development approach into the company’s management culture;
  • executives’ and employees’ training for the current and strategic company’s goals and projects’ realization;
  • executives’ and employees’ training for the prospective position according to the career plan.

Time period the IDP:

  • IDP is formed for 1 or 2 years depending on the executive’s/employee’s level or the executive/management reserve type

IDP goals:

  1. to identify each employee’s strengths and give recommendations on their use in the company;
  2. to represent employee’s career plan and events necessary for prospective position training;
  3. to train the employees by identifying the events aimed at his/her competence development in accordance with the position requirements, company’s aims and goals, as well as the ones of the department and the employee.

IDP is formed based on:

  1. employee’s assessment results;
  2. employee’s current goals (for the current period/year);
  3. career plan (prospective position according to the list of executive/management reserve); immediate superior’s, mentor’s (if any) and employee’s opinions.

IDP consists of several sections:

  1. general information (Full name, current position, experience, category, mentor, type of executive reserve, immediate superior, drafting date, final assessment accomplishment date);
  2. assessment results;
  3. career plan;
  4. strengths appliance plan;
  5. development plan:
    • developing events according to career plan (prospective position training);
    • competence development events.