Recipe for a Healthy Company: Honest Cooperative Communication


On November, 30th and December, 1st, the Management School – one of Corporate University schools – carried out another training module for general directors and reserve members for their positions. The first day was dedicated to effective international company management skills development. The trainer was Olga Popova, HR expert, GE Leadership …


Father Frost’s Assistants: Aircraft Loading


New Year’s Eve is a time when children and adults believe in and expect magic and miracles. So, the participants of the Corporate University’s unique project – “Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults” – decided not only to believe in miracles but perform them. On November, 25th, on Moscow Cargo terminal, Boeing 747-8F of …


On Board Again: On the Way to Farnborough


It was just another October day, but then they gathered together one more time to merrily build a tower of 100 sheets and learn something about management … That’s right, Ulyanovsk saw continuation of the “Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults” project. We refer to the second stage of the project set up by Corporate University in …


Education is inspiring!


Every month Corporate University holds the most different training events: workshops, training sessions, business sessions and professional conferences. And not only do our trainers give our participants necessary knowledge, but also receive sincere positive feedback. Under PROFI Management School, Operational Perspective Management Reserve …


Great to Be Healthy!

100 m of bandages, a liter of antiseptics, cheerful physical exercises and a multitude of questions to Volga-Dnepr Group President and doctors. Those are sweet reminiscences of the participants of Corporate University “Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults” Project which took place in Moscow in October. The kids learnt how to get rid of …


“Take your hats off to the past, but take your coats off to the future”


From September, 26th till September, 29th, in Moscow, took place the third training module under the Strategic Management Reserve Training Program (the second recruitment). The participants developed their professional and management competences in managing economy, finances, accounting, and mastered leader’s tools of influence. As usual, the …


“Every grain of experience is food for the greedy growing soul…”


Anthony Burges, English writer Invaluable experience and lessons learned have supplemented ”knowledge honeycombs” of our Company owing to the participants of the Key Event Description second contest. 12 unique opportunities, problems, solutions and transportations made by the Company result from the Key Event Description second …


“Diseases are cured by doctors while health is procured by ourselves”

N. Amosov, heart surgeon, inventor, best-selling author and exercise enthusiast In September, in Lapino, Moscow region, Corporate University’s TOP-Class School Session was held. This was called “Health is the Basis of Working Capacity. Work is the Basis of Health”. The participants, over twenty Company Managers, proved that health is among …


Hold fast to control wheel, or I’d be a pilot, yes I would! Just let them teach me first!


On a Saturday morning in September, scientists at Skolkovo Innovation Center switched off from urgent matters on hearing clear voices of children.  Children of Volga-Dnepr Group Employees turned to be guest visitors at the Boeing Training Center, and participants to a Corporate University’s unique  project, Management for Fun for Children and …


“People stop thinking when they cease to read”


Why do we read? It is reading that teaches us to analyze and transform the information received, discourse, ask questions and carry on a dialogue. The ability to read is an ideal test for business owners and managers: a person who is not able to read a book and so to analyze a large amount of text is unlikely to achieve a great success in business. …