Education is inspiring!

IMG_20171009_111518Every month Corporate University holds the most different training events: workshops, training sessions, business sessions and professional conferences. And not only do our trainers give our participants necessary knowledge, but also receive sincere positive feedback.

Under PROFI Management School, Operational Perspective Management Reserve Training is still going on. On the 9th of October there was a lesson on “Core Procurement Process Management, Production and Sales” for VDM, ABC and VDTM reserve members in Moscow. It was held by Andrey Dyatlov, Group Quality Director.
One of the participants, Elena Todortseva, Head of CRM Development Unit, VDM said: “I liked it that the workshop was arranged in an interactive format, namely as a dialog. The lesson was dynamic; we reviewed both theory and practice of core 223process management. The obtained knowledge will increase effectiveness of building working interrelation between the business units, allowing for the Group Business Organizational Model. The most interesting moment was discussing differences in description of processes regarding companies offering products and companies offering services to their customers.”

Meanwhile, in Ulyanovsk, VDA the reserve members took part in training sessions on time management and motivation, held by Julia Gordeeva, Head of Compensation and Benefits, VDM.

The participant’s impressions:

Sergey Golovnin, Leading Certification Specialist, VDA:
IMG-20170925-WA0031_2– The trainer’s personal examples, the attention she paid to the listeners and her attention management skill were the most memorable and the most appealing to me. I liked it that there were a lot of business games, and team members were always changing, which enabled us to learn more about all training participants. Now I am sure that the work process will be more organized temporally and aimed at achieving results. Thanks to this training session I got knowledge regarding how to manage not only my work time, but also my life strategy.

Elena Akhmetova, Head of ISFR Unit, VDA:
– Impressions made by motivation and time management training sessions are positive and bright! The training session on motivation was most IMG-20170925-WA0016memorable for the “Fishing” game; I liked team work, numerous practical tasks and incessant feedback from Julia Gordeeva. I am determined to apply the obtained knowledge in practice; effectively use the “TIME” source and think based on final results: “When a person sees the final result, it is easier to achieve it.”

Leonid Kudryashov, Leading Aviation Equipment Certification Engineer, VDA:
– The training sessions were great! What stuck to my memory and appealed to me most is a reasonable and interesting way of presenting material, interactive activities, team work and elaborated presentations. I learned a lot about time management both at work and in everyday living. I will definitely make use of this knowledge. I also understood difference between ways of personnel motivation. It was very useful to learn mistakes made by inexperienced managers regarding motivation. I left the class in a positive mood and determined to do grand work actions. I will (and am already trying to) actively apply time management knowledge to increase my work performance.

From October, 10th until October, 11th, in Moscow, the third module of Senior Airmen School was already held.

KLS_Collage_2Ilya Laykhov, AN-124-100 First Officer, VDA:
– It was very interesting! What I liked most is lectures on flight data analysis system used by ABC, and training sessions by Y. Malevinsky and E. Surina as well. And, of course, Alexey Isaykin’s speech was very memorable.

Ruben Karapetyan, Head of Flight Standards and Flight Methodical Work, Atran:
– The third module broadened my horizon regarding both life situations in general and directly the Group processes. And the most positive thing was communication with people.

Anatoly Pobol, Boeing 747 Chief Pilot, ABC:
– I liked the Counterterrorism topic, which, I’m sure, is to be obligatory for all airmen. The lecture was very actual, comprehensive and absorbing! The lector really knew what he was talking about, his speech was very interesting and substantial. I also liked the arrangement itself! Thank you!