Name a project! They’ll do it!


Best students of one of the VD corporate university professional schools – the Project Management School – have been granted the training in PM Expert. Integrated training for project candidates pool was conducted within the Project Management School in 2015. More than 60 people applied for the program “The project administrator class”.  …


Beneficial knowledge!


The 2015 VD Corporate University academic year proved to be very intensive and eventful – with ongoing programs in all 18 professional schools, specific training, distance learning programs, etc. On December 25 the company president Alexey Isaykin greeted the best students. He expressed appreciation for their vibrant participation, effort and …


Passionate Training Start in Hot Emirates!

“He who remembers the past and learns the future can be the leader.” Confucius The new VD University academic year started on January 12-13 in Sharjah (UAE).  The training was conducted within “the Pro” School on the Leaders’ Minimum program for VD Gulf executive officers.  As the participants say “it exceeded all …


The Future Volga-Dnepr Leaders training program is completed!


The final module of The Future Leaders training program was held on December 15-18 in Moscow. We asked “the future leaders” to share their impressions on the module and the program in general. Here are some of their opinions. Andrey Agulov, the head of the property management department, VDM: – I’m really happy with the program. It’s a …


Building the Knowledge Center!

2015 was the anniversary year for Volga-Dnepr Group. The company president A. Isaykin declared it the year of knowledge. That year gave the start to one of the company 2020 most important strategic projects – “The aviation industry knowledge center teaming up best airfreight experts”. – I would compare the Knowledge Center with a bee hive, …