TOP-10 customers 2021


The end of 2021 is the time to look at the results of cooperation with customers. The best chance to learn more about major projects with them in 2021, key outcomes and trends- is to listen to our sales experts: Ekaterina Andreeva, Commercial Director, Charter Cargo Operations and Vasiliy Borychev, the Head of Customer Service.  The …


Meet the GCS participants


In December a new online venue seminar «Meet the customer!» was held. The topic of the Knowledge Center seminar was Global Customer Summit 2021. The seminar was a good chance to learn from our experts –Andrey A., Chief relationship manager, and Yulia C., Global Healthcare Director, how Volga-Dnepr researched customer needs and …


Global Customer Summit 2021


The Fourth Global Customer Summit was held on the 16th-19th November in Dubai. Volga-Dnepr brought together partners and customers from 21 companies. In business and informal communication with the customers a lot of important topics were raised: the development of partnerships based on sustainable development, risk management, a focus on …


TOP-3 customers in China


“Meet the customer” online seminar was held in September by Corporate University Knowledge Center. This time the seminar was dedicated to our top 3 strategic partners in China. Our expert – Joanna Lee, Director of Strategic Partnership APAC, ABC – spoke in detail about Volga-Dnepr’s largest customers in China, the …


Industry Insights: Live Animals Transportation


Giraffes, pandas, elephants and dolphins – what other animals have travelled on board of our aircraft? Our experts answered this and other questions at the second Corporate University Knowledge Center “Industry Insights” workshop. Who are our key customers in this industry? How to make “unusual passengers” feel …


Knowledge for Business. High-Tech


What’s new in the world of high technology? If you don’t consider this question, you risk being left behind. The world is changing daily. It is imperative to examine and discuss the issues with our customers on a regular basis. Recently Volga-Dnepr Corporate University held its “Knowledge for Business High-Tech” …


Boost your idea!


The bank of ideas “opened its doors” to all Volga-Dnepr Group employees in April 2021. Within a month our colleagues became “depositors” of the bank. They proposed business initiatives and inspired colleagues to change! The ideas are different and very useful: launch of an online store, optimization of contractual …


Knowledge for business


Recently Volga-Dnepr Corporate University and Marketing Department held the first Industry workshop “Healthcare. Plan B” with logistic chain participants.  This workshop opened the start of the program “Knowledge for business” to increase the consumer value service in the field of logistics of different …


Conquering Space


The whole world is celebrating a big date in April: 60 years ago man conquered space. Therefore, the Knowledge Center “Meet the customer” online seminar was dedicated to our Aerospace customers. “Thank you for another excellent session!” shares one of the attendees. “Today’s presentations about how we support the space industries …


6 steps for your idea!


Do you think that only the head of the company can become the author and the driving force of change? Not at all! Each employee can offer and implement  business initiative for the benefit of the customer, the company, colleagues and their own benefit. Do you know how to optimize existing processes? Do you have any suggestions for …