Knowledge for Business. High-Tech

What’s new in the world of high technology?

If you don’t consider this question, you risk being left behind.

The world is changing daily. It is imperative to examine and discuss the issues with our customers on a regular basis. Recently Volga-Dnepr Corporate University held its “Knowledge for Business High-Tech” workshop, for this purpose. 

The collaborative e-platform brought together the biggest high-tech companies and experts to share knowledge and experience, expose common concerns and work out new customized solutions. In this manner, we are not only updated what is new in high-tech, we are collectively drawing the roadmap for the future.

“It was an unprecedented experience where different, yet key, stakeholders in the air freight industry, come together to pour out a collective insight,” one of the participants shared with us.

Thank you for your valuable participation and sharing of insights and analysis.

See you at the future workshops!