Conquering Space

The whole world is celebrating a big date in April: 60 years ago man conquered space. Therefore, the Knowledge Center “Meet the customer” online seminar was dedicated to our Aerospace customers.

“Thank you for another excellent session!” shares one of the attendees. “Today’s presentations about how we support the space industries around the world, airlifting satellites and other payloads to their launch points in French Guiana, Kazakhstan and Russia, was fascinating, demonstrating unique capabilities of An-124. Well-done to the presenters and the organizers!”

Want to know:

  • how Volga-Dnepr participates in the research of the Moon surface?
  • how we help aerospace customers achieve their goal of bridging the digital divide?
  • how many satellites can fit in An-124-100?

Watch the video in the Unified Information Knowledge System at km.volga-dnepr.com.