“I am deeply convinced that when we get knowledge nothing is impossible”
Alexey Isaykin, the Group founder

The company’s knowledge management system was first developed as part of the strategic project of the corporate university “Industry Knowledge Center, a team of the best experts in the air cargo business in the industry knowledge center”.

The purpose of the knowledge management system: the concentration of knowledge that is of value and benefit to the company’s customers.

Knowledge management principles:

The knowledge management system contains only the knowledge that can be used for the benefit of the company’s customers. In this case, the priority is knowledge aimed at identifying and preventing threats to customers and the company itself (saving knowledge).

Each client of the knowledge management system, receiving the products of the system, is a participant in the learning process, develops, applying the knowledge gained in practice, and creates new knowledge in the process of cooperation.

Solving problems of customers, the company inevitably receives recognition of its usefulness.

The clients of the knowledge management system are all customers of the company, its employees, suppliers, partners.

The knowledge management process consists of sub-processes – technologies:

  1. Knowledge Revealing
  2. Knowledge Extraction
  3. Systematization and storage of knowledge
  4. Exchange and dissemination of knowledge
  5. Use of knowledge
  6. Development and creation of new knowledge.

After the successful completion of the strategic project in 2020, all operational knowledge management activities in the company are carried out by a special division – the knowledge center (Corporate Education Department).

The main product of the knowledge center is knowledge: quick, accessible, correct, “how to do” solutions.

For quick placement of knowledge and access to it from anywhere in the world, a tool has been developed – Corporate Knowledge e-System (available only to employees of the Volga-Dnepr Group).

Corporate Knowledge e-System is

1) electronic library:

  • basic company documents and templates
  • procedure for obtaining corporate services (IT services, certificates, business trips, etc.)
  • materials for preparing presentations, solving work tasks
  • knowledge about the company, its strategy, services, customers

2) tool for:

  • storing and disseminating their knowledge and gaining recognition from colleagues
  • discussion and implementation of a business initiative
  • holding corporate competitions