Not just a Contest!


A milestone event is “a remarkable benefit for the Customer both accomplished and being planned for the future operation”. A. Isaykin Do you know how to build a runway for An-124-100 in a tropical country? Or how many medicines can our Boeing transport in one go? Or how to construct a hangar in a desert for aircraft maintenance? The winners of …


Conquering the Sixth Continent – Making Dreams a Reality!


The results of the competition on flying to Antarctic as a flight attendant and a knowledge center technologist were summarized in September. More than 40 Volga-Dnepr employees around the world submitted their application forms to participate in the project. We do appreciate your aspiration to become conductors of the company unique experience even …


Knowledge available to everybody!


For more than 25 years Volga-Dnepr has accumulated massive amount of unique knowledge, so now it is vitally important to not only elicit, fix and share it with the company young generation, but also to bring the maximum benefit to the company customers. “The Aviation Industry Knowledge Center Teaming up Best Airfreight Experts” is one of the …


Building the Knowledge Center!


2015 was the anniversary year for Volga-Dnepr Group. The company president A. Isaykin declared it the year of knowledge. That year gave the start to one of the company 2020 most important strategic projects – “The aviation industry knowledge center teaming up best airfreight experts”. – I would compare the Knowledge Center with a bee hive, …