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Eliciting knowledge in Ulyanovsk…

For more than 25 years Volga-Dnepr has accumulated massive amount of unique knowledge, so now it is vitally important to not only elicit, fix and share it with the company young generation, but also to bring the maximum benefit to the company customers.


… and in Moscow

“The Aviation Industry Knowledge Center Teaming up Best Airfreight Experts” is one of the most important 2020 strategic projects was initiated in 2015. It’s a kind of advisory ‘think-tank’, a department which will store easily accessible and reliable knowledge in the form of ‘how’ solutions. In other words, this will be a unified, handy and practical knowledge base where customers including primarily the company personnel will be able to get the answers to their questions.

So, the first thing to do is to elicit, describe and store this knowledge! The project team members have completed the first project stage – extensive knowledge elicitation on major company processes – in VDT, VD, ABC, the company subgroups. The knowledge center technologists interviewed more than 150 experts on charter and regular transportation processes, and on the airworthiness maintenance process. The interview results were reflected in knowledge maps, so-called treasure
maps which accumulated all valuable knowledge necessary for the company and its customers to become more successful.

VDA_8023– We have learned how many professionals with profound and unique experience have been fostered in Volga-Dnepr! – shared Dmitry Tarasov, the leading certification specialist, VDA, one of the technologists.– I was impressed with their openness, their readiness to share knowledge with colleagues, help each other to achieve our common goals.

_LVV0482_cut– The lack of knowledge and experience in particular areas leads to inadequate decisions. The company is a storehouse of knowledge accumulated by its employees, – says Galina Zubareva, lawyer expert and mentor, VDM,- It has to be elicited, collected and shared with the new generation of the company employees. Then, instead of reinventing the wheel we will make the effort for improvement and modification of the existed solutions and innovations.

You can find the reports on the project work results here (available for internal network, into Russian).

It is evident that this desired “think-tank” can’t be created without a unified information system. So, now the project team members got down to its implementation stage. The information system will utilize the MicrosoftSharePoint platform and will become very friendly and accessible “shell” to let the users find the information within seconds.

Besides, the system will be accessible from any device worldwide. It will have rubrics, tags and specific services which will expedite the information search.

For details of the project “Aviation Industry Knowledge Center” and the latest news, articles, interviews on its realization click here.

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