Entering 2021!


Pre-New Year open leadership workshop “Entering 2021!” with the company managers was held at the Corporate university online venue. The managers together with colleagues from all around the world recalled the lessons each of us and the company learnt this year and shared what made they feel particularly proud of. A pleasant conclusion to …


Lesson of Magic


On December 17, a lesson of magic was held for the children of the company employees! At the Corporate University online venue, an experienced magician taught the children several magic tricks with which they can show their friends and parents on New Year’s Eve! Would you like to know how to show an unusual and very effective trick …


Leadership workshop with Dr. Andreas Jahnke


Leadership workshop with Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer was held last week at Corporate university online venue. Andreas spoke in detail about “Volga-Dnepr” strategy, transformation and leadership. He noted that leadership is about Inspiring people, organizing work, changing and reacting to change. “It is very important that …


Drones today&tomorrow


Drones are the future? Another “E-Commerce Club” seminar was held at VDG Knowledge center online venue. Our expert – Manager, Aerospace and MRO – spoke about drone classification, gave examples of their usage for delivery purposes, and shared the forecast for drones market 2025. Participants, more than 50 employees from all around the …


“Motivation is the melody of desire!”


How to motivate an employee? Motivation – is it all about money? What mistakes are most often made by a manager? On November 11, Corporate university held another online seminar for Volga-Dnepr operational management reserve. Trainer was HR expert. The participants learned the mechanisms of motivation, types of incentives, the main …


“Here’s my feedback!”


Why does every employee need feedback? Is it always useful? How to give such feedback that can motivate the employee to change? More than 100 Volga-Dnepr managers from all around the world took part in the workshop “Here’s my feedback!” at the Corporate university online venue. The trainer was expert in personnel …


Reservists training


Volga-Dnepr operational management reserve training continues! On October 27, Corporate university held another online seminar, which brought together more than 70 participants from various business units. Our experts from VD UK and ABC Ekaterina A., Vasily B., and Alina G., talked about Volga-Dnepr products, services, customers, competitors, and …


Effective presentation


How do you prepare a presentation that prompts action? Why is it more important to be able to tell a compelling story that draws attention to your ideas rather than showing slides filled with data? Ekaterina S., a trainer with 10 years of experience, conducted in October the Effective Presentations training session at Corporate University online …


Leadership workshop


What’s the difference between a leader and a manager? What is the key to emerging as a leader? What is the most effective motivation? Leadership workshop by Director, Network & Fleet Development was held yesterday at Corporate university online venue. He shared his leadership secrets with more than 120 attendees from all around the …


English Speaking Club


How to remove language barriers and increase confidence in communication? Join our English Speaking Club for exciting topics, live communication, small group work and a warm atmosphere! The first online meetings organized by Corporate university took place in September. The teacher was Ekaterina S., a trainer with 10 years of …