Drones today&tomorrow


Drones are the future? Another “E-Commerce Club” seminar was held at VDG Knowledge center online venue. Our expert – Manager, Aerospace and MRO – spoke about drone classification, gave examples of their usage for delivery purposes, and shared the forecast for drones market 2025. Participants, more than 50 employees from all around the …


“Motivation is the melody of desire!”


How to motivate an employee? Motivation – is it all about money? What mistakes are most often made by a manager? On November 11, Corporate university held another online seminar for Volga-Dnepr operational management reserve. Trainer was HR expert. The participants learned the mechanisms of motivation, types of incentives, the main …


“Here’s my feedback!”


Why does every employee need feedback? Is it always useful? How to give such feedback that can motivate the employee to change? More than 100 Volga-Dnepr managers from all around the world took part in the workshop “Here’s my feedback!” at the Corporate university online venue. The trainer was expert in personnel …