Not just a Contest!


A milestone event is “a remarkable benefit for the Customer both accomplished and being planned for the future operation”. A. Isaykin Do you know how to build a runway for An-124-100 in a tropical country? Or how many medicines can our Boeing transport in one go? Or how to construct a hangar in a desert for aircraft maintenance? The winners …


Studying a customer, learning from a customer!


Another seminar of the CU School for the company executives “Top-class” was held on December 12 in Moscow. The webinar format allowed the company employees from Moscow, Ulyanovsk, Houston and other VD offices across the world to share “the classroom”. The company executives presented their reports following the results of the conducted …


Volga-Dnepr Future leaders: exceeding expectations!


This digest issue continues a series of articles about first enrolment graduates of the management reserve training program. Have they benefited from the training? Have their careers changed? Ekaterina Chuychenko, fleet development director, VDM, is answering these questions today. – Ekaterina, what did you do to participate in the …


Entertaining management: We were loading the plane…

Yachts in Monte-Carlo, race cars in Melbourne – or vice versa? First centering, then lashing – or vice versa? The sixth seminar of the ‘Entertainment Management for Kids and Adults’ program was full of tasks and puzzles. The preparation scope of the seminar devoted to transportation management is as impressive as the geography of flights …


Volga-Dnepr and Boeing: great opportunities for super brands


“Super Brands in Industrial Events” training session was held in Moscow on November 21st. The event was conducted in co-operation with the Boeing Company, our strategic business partner, within the CU Sales and Marketing School. The seminar venue brought together more than 30 Volga-Dnepr executives and sales managers from the company offices …