Volga-Dnepr and Boeing: great opportunities for super brands


As it was emphasized by the Volga-Dnepr president Alexey Isaykin and the president of Boeing Russia Sergey Kravchenko this event was the first step in synergy of the company brands.

“Super Brands in Industrial Events” training session was held in Moscow on November 21st. The event was conducted in co-operation with the Boeing Company, our strategic business partner, within the CU Sales and Marketing School.

The seminar venue brought together more than 30 Volga-Dnepr executives and sales managers from the company offices across the world.
The opening speech was done by the Volga-Dnepr president Alexey Isaykin and the president of Boeing Russia Sergey Kravchenko. They emphasized the importance of the event as the first step in synergy of the company brands.

Then, senior executives shared their experience in air shows organization: on the part of Volga Dnepr – Tatiana Arslanova, the company vice president on strategic management, and Axel Kaldschmidt, aerospace industry director, VD UAC; on the part of the Boeing company – Dan Nevill and Dmitry Kroll.


«We know how to make an air show unforgettable!». Groupwork

Working in groups the seminar participants were to formulate a detailed action plan on air show organization in Le Bourget.

– I’m quite positively impressed! – says Anastasia Nazarova, marketing specialist, VDA Moscow. – The seminar was vibrant and useful both in knowledge and experience on conducting such events and in ideas worked out by the participants. It was wonderful to work in such creative atmosphere, among the colleagues who were very enthusiastic about formulating a really interesting conception of our participation in Le Bourget, and working on the company image in aviation industry. Besides, I really appreciated our communication format – when colleagues from different company departments and offices worked together. I am sure this allows working on tasks at different levels and seeing them from different perspectives. Hopefully, such seminars will become a good tradition between Volga-Dnepr and Boeing.

– It was interesting to get straightforward and practicable recommendations from Boeing, – shares Ekaterina Andreeva, marketing specialist, ABC, Frankfurt. – Our groupwork was also very useful: we were open to share opinions, ideas, experience. As we finished on our plan formulation it was worthwhile listening to other teams, as such ‘concilium’ adds much to the situation integrity. I think everyone picked up some new ideas. In the end I’d like to add that the seminar was vibrant, useful, dynamic. All the speakers and participants are real professionals who were very energetic in sharing their ideas and experience.

– I’d like to pass on my thanks for having been invited to this workshop in Moscow. – says Clair Gunn, key account manager, VD UK. – It was an interesting experience and I certainly think it is beneficial to get global group representation at these events. I would definitely be interested to hear the results of this workshop and whether the conclusion from it results in our participation at the Paris Airshow in 2017 and of course whether some of the concepts that were discussed during the workshop are part of the plan.

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