Entertaining management: We were loading the plane…

1Yachts in Monte-Carlo, race cars in Melbourne – or vice versa?
First centering, then lashing – or vice versa?
The sixth seminar of the ‘Entertainment Management for Kids and Adults’ program was full of tasks and puzzles.

The preparation scope of the seminar devoted to transportation management is as impressive as the geography of flights performed by the company:  100 metres of ropes, 60 pasteboard boxes, 250 units of the stationary and almost 300 presentation slides were prepared by the Corporate University specialists together with Transportation Organization Department specialists.


The seminar was conducted by Elena Erastova, CU teacher-methodologist, Vladimir Gorbachev (on the right), leading manager on logistics and transportation organization, VDA, Eugene Tikhonov (on the left), loadmaster An-124-100.

At the beginning of the seminar the children ‘turned into’ maintenance teams to service three types of aircraft. Having received real maintenance release they got down to work.


It took 1,5-hour ‘working day’ for the maintenance teams to calculate aircraft basic empty weight…


…to construct cargo compartments of their aircraft, …


… to package cargo…


… and to load it on board the plane.


At the end of the seminar the teams conducted an experiment which demonstrated the principles of cargo CG positioning. You can try it now at your work place: take a scotch tape, a ruler, two flyweights and try to balance this system. It is so relaxing! Everybody was happy: the kids – with their results, the teachers – with the kids.

The next seminar is scheduled for January, after the New Year’s holidays.

This is what Kristina, the seminar participant, shares:

– I am really fascinated by the project ‘Entertaining Management”. I attend every seminar, and look forward to the next. This is because they are so different and interesting. Thank you to the CU teachers for giving us an exciting opportunity for learning!

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