Evolving to 360˚

Assessment is one of the core functions of personnel management. In April 2016 a regular 360 assessment procedure has come to its final stage – the interviews with the assessment process participants based on the results of the conducted procedure.

The interview plans for each Volga-Dnepr Subgroup involve assessment specialists and candidates’ line managers, and some companies have already started to realize these plans. The candidates can have an opportunity to make their personal development plans together with their line managers.

TentyakovValery Tentyakov, operational center deputy, ABC, shares his impressions on the assessment:
– I’m quite positive about the procedure. The 360 assessment is a good method to navigate personal growth. I am impressed with the company serious and constructive attitude to personnel development. The assessment shows that my skills and competences are now measurable. There is a goal to reach! Are the assessment results motivating? I’ve gained some information and learned about opportunities the company gives its employees to evolve professionally – this is the best motivator!

We invite all the participants to make the most of this process! Direct all your questions to the assessment center specialists:
Anastasia Seregina, assessment center executive manager (tel 1724);
Andrey Bazhenov, assessment center leading specialist (tel 1330).