Assessment Inspires Further Development!

Assessment is one of the most important parts in personnel management system. Volga-Dnepr personnel is not only certified, as it is legally required, there is also competency assessment, which is beneficial both for the company and its employees.

Certification is meant to answer the question how well an employee fits the position, whereas competency assessment implies a wider scope of tasks:
a) Collecting information to make objective decisions re personnel (working conditions, position, rewarding, employment benefits, etc.);
b) Building up a motivation system and personnel encouragement;
c) Making development plans.

VDA_6702_2Andrey Agulov, the Head of the Property Management Department, VD-Moscow, is one of the assessed. Here’s what he says:

The assessment organizers used all possible tools starting with the company corporate portal to live communication. It was a complex, integrated and deep assessment process resulted in multidimensional and objective conclusions. Primarily, it showed the weaknesses – competencies to develop and work on. Secondly, it contributes much to leaving the “comfort zone”, encourages sound competition and personnel efficiency. And, at last, it inspires further development.  It would be a good idea to provide a candidate not only with the assessment results but also with ‘the home assignment”, so-called checklist with recommendations: what skills to acquire, what CU seminars to attend, what business books to read, what training courses to do.
I would like to wish the candidates-to-be
1) to get psychologically used to the assessment, to take it as a good assistant in gaining competitive advantages, which are important for accomplishing strategic goals;
2) to let the assessment  motivate you for further development, for assigning more ambitious tasks, for thinking globally so as to be the best not only within the department, or the company, but also in the industry, worldwide.