What is Assessable?


Assessment is a process enabling us to develop characteristics of present development level of given parameters of a certain employees, team and corporate environment as objectively as possible. The main goal of assessment is to supply well-reasoned and objective information to take management decisions on staff as well as promote creation of …


Evolving to 360˚


Assessment is one of the core functions of personnel management. In April 2016 a regular 360 assessment procedure has come to its final stage – the interviews with the assessment process participants based on the results of the conducted procedure. The interview plans for each Volga-Dnepr Subgroup involve assessment specialists and …


Assessment Inspires Further Development!


Assessment is one of the most important parts in personnel management system. Volga-Dnepr personnel is not only certified, as it is legally required, there is also competency assessment, which is beneficial both for the company and its employees. Certification is meant to answer the question how well an employee fits the position, whereas …


Personnel Assessment


The XXth century was marked with the exponential growth of social sciences. Business priorities were set in favour of human assets as the subject to studies, protection and increase. The first step was made in the direction of personnel assessment, as assessment methods could make human assets measurable and manageable. Assessment equally works for …