Festival of Talents 2017: Dreams May Come True!

The winners and participants of Festival of Talents 2017 were awarded on a formal ceremony held in Moscow and Ulyanovsk. We tried to make their dreams to come true and picked an individual prize they’ve dreamed of, for each participant.


Angel Sanchez

We’d like to refresh your memory: based on the voting results the first prize went to Angel Sanchez, Customer Service Specialist, ABC Office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Angel, who performs songs of his own composition, was awarded with a record and release of his own disc by a professional studio.

Maria Volkova, Assistant to General Director, ATRAN, Moscow, who won the second prize got to go to any European museum of her choice. Being keen on drawing landscapes, Maria chose one of the museums in Florence, Italy.

The third prize went to Stark Xu, Ground Handling Manager, ABC office in Shanghai, China. Now not only can he take his photography masterpieces, but also print them by a printer of high quality, which he received as an award.

The rest of the participants were awarded with Corporate University brand prizes: compact speakers, power banks and fitness bands.

Let the winners speak!


Maria Volkova

Angel Sanchez, Customer Service Specialist, ABC Office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany:
– My hobby is a language of love, a language which everybody in the world understands – music. I have been doing it for more than 40 years. I wish you and your nearest and dearest all the best!

Maria Volkova, Assistant to General Director, ATRAN:
– All my life, as long as I can remember I’ve loved drawing and painting. I painted in different colors, using different techniques. It has always brought me a lot of positive emotions. Nature is the main source of inspiration for everyone, for me – in particular. It inspires me to paint a new masterpiece. It’s the special way to express your emotions, your feelings, impressions.


Stark Xu

Stark Xu, Ground Handling Manager, ABC Office in Shanghai, China:
– I’m so excited that you’ve got to see my photos. I only have this small camera and self-styled photography. Not being professional but diligent and innovative I still can present special photos. Thanks for your support! Recently my baby girls and I began mastering playing the guitar. I am going to show this new talent next year!

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Dear friends! We are sure that next year we will be amazed by your talents as well.

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