Volga-Dnepr delivers the holiday!


“Meet the customer” online seminar was held December, 16 by VDG Knowledge Center, and we spoke about our customer… Santa Claus! And it is not surprising – Christmas and New Year are just around the corner! Our experts, Vladimir Vyshemirskiy, Anthony Gunn and Vladimir Kaldin (lucky ones, because they worked with Santa) shared examples …


Delivering health is our mission!


The topic of the Knowledge Center seminar “Meet the customer” (November,27) is really a hot-button issue for the global life-saving logistics world – COVID-19 vaccine logistics. Our expert, Yulia Celetaria, Healthcare Director presented Pharma companies requirements, how we can assist them and what challenges we expect, as well as …


MRO customers


What is MRO? Who are our key customers in maintenance? Why do they choose us for so many years? For the first time, the Knowledge Center online seminar “Meet the customer” was dedicated to MRO customers. The seminar was held September 30 and brought together almost 100 colleagues from all over the world. Our experts from VD …


Meet the customer!


We continue the series of VDG Knowledge center online seminars about our customers. In this special issue, timed to coincide with the company’s anniversary, our colleagues – Ekaterina Andreeva, Rinat Akhmetov and Stanislav Skripnikov – review one of our most unique CCO transportations on behalf of our customers. How did Volga-Dnepr …


ATRAN customers


We continue the series of VDG Knowledge center online seminars about our customers. This time our colleagues from ATRAN Vasiliy Zhukov, Commercial Director, and Artem Teplov, Sales Executive, speak in detail about our customers. How does ATRAN support growing e-com traffics? This and much more – in the video.


Saving lives together


We continue the series of VDG Knowledge center online seminars about our customers. Would you like to know why more and more Pharmaceutical companies talk directly to the airlines? What are the critical transportation points for pharmaceuticals? How long does it take to develop a vaccine? How did COVID-19 change the approach of the …


One-click knowledge


Unified Information Knowledge System is a unifying platform that allows each employee of our company to get quick access to the necessary knowledge. Documents, materials, knowledge bases on management and business processes, articles, experts, corporate services – all this and much more is available in the Unified …