Volga-Dnepr delivers the holiday!

“Meet the customer” online seminar was held December, 16 by VDG Knowledge Center, and we spoke about our customer… Santa Claus! And it is not surprising – Christmas and New Year are just around the corner!

Our experts, Vladimir Vyshemirskiy, Anthony Gunn and Vladimir Kaldin (lucky ones, because they worked with Santa) shared examples of the most interesting New Year transportation.

Want to know how Volga-Dnepr transported the main New York Christmas tree, delivered New Year toys for largest children’s store, and transported gifts for children to disadvantaged regions (“Christmas Child” program)?

Watch the video in the Unified Information Knowledge System at km.volga-dnepr.com.

“Thanks for the interesting story about the transported surprises!” shares one of the participants. “This seminar opened up a lot of new things for my children, who sat next to me and listened to the stories with great interest. At such moments, I am especially filled with pride in our company, which brings great benefit and joy to many people around the world!”