“Getting Ready to Join the Volga-Dnepr Tight-Knit Crew!”


The Corporate University project – Volga-Dnepr New Generation is making much headway! More than 50 apprentices of the company different departments carry on training in Moscow and Ulyanovsk guided by experienced mentors. The trainees have already passed the introductory course, and at present are getting closely familiar with the work of the …


Why don’t We Assign a VIP Status to Transportation?


A kilo of what shipment is the most expensive? How does VDGroup contribute to fashion industry? Why do customers entrust transportation of premium cargo to our company? These were the questions raised by Deputy General Director, products, ABC, at another Corporate University workshop for operational management reserve. – I liked the …


Managing Changes


How to make changes successfully and engage employees? Why is change management one of the key functions of a modern leader? On August 1, in Moscow, as part of the Corporate University operational management reserve training program, a change management training was conducted by head of the managers training center. This program is an …