Getting along with time


“Time won’t stand beating. […] if you only kept on good terms with him, he’d do almost anything you liked with the clock,”– said the Hatter to Alice from a famous novel by Lewis Carroll. The participants of our Entertaining Management project do not try to beat time. On the contrary, they learnt how to manage time on a recent training …


A penny saved is a penny earned!


Why did pirates bite gold coins? Why were people paid in salt in old days? And is it possible to put cryptocurrency in a pocket? These and many other interesting things were discovered by participants of the latest session of Entertaining Management for Children and Adults, a unique project of the Corporate University, which was held on 03 February …


Education is inspiring!


Every month Corporate University holds various training events: workshops, training and business sessions, professional conferences. And not only do our trainers give our participants the necessary knowledge, but also receive sincere positive feedback. You can read feedback on some Corporate University training sessions which took place in December …


Tripled Effectiveness!


It is surprising that half of all communication issues are caused by misunderstanding. In January, the participants of English lessons were not only breaking the language barrier, but also building “bridges” for effective communications. In Ulyanovsk, they discussed ecological communication with co-workers, in Moscow, they learned how to small …


Building Future Together


From December, 11th till December, 14th, the final 4th module of the second group’s “Future Leaders of Volga-Dnepr” strategic management reserve training was held in Moscow. The main topic was regular management procedures: participants practiced writing regulatory documents for the core processes, building organizational structures and even …