Teaming up Leaders


The leaders’ week held in Moscow at the end of September brought together the company managers, experts, the first two groups of the Strategic Management Reserve training program, and the candidates to the 3rdgroup. The participants spent three days discussing leadership and succession, listening to digitalization experts and to the Reserve …


Learning inspires!

Monthly the Corporate University conducts educational events in quite various formats: seminars, trainings, business-sessions and professional conferences. At the same time our teachers are not just giving the participants the necessary knowledge, but also getting sincere positive feedback. Reviews on some of Corporate University classes read …


Collecting live knowledge!

In the framework of the Aviation Industry Knowledge Center there have been conducted seminars on collecting live knowledge in Moscow and Ulyanovsk, which have become an important part of a strategic project “Aviation Industry Knowledge Center”. Volga-Dnepr’s Unified Information System has been supplied by more than 30 new described key …


Bringing benefit to customers through efficient procurement


The second Global procurement conference was held in Moscow on November 8th and 9th, bringing together Volga-Dnepr executives, managers and key employees of all structural units procurement departments. Videos of all speeches are already available in the Consolidated information knowledge system – just click the link in the text! (the links are …




REGIONS GETTING CLOSER! At the end of September, in Moscow, Lead Region contest took place. The event helped the employees learn more about people and regional strategies. Therefore, when buying Coca-Cola at Russia’s Far East, who could feel grateful of our Company? What is the common value shared by K&N and Volga-Dnepr? What are the …


Flying various routes we share training!

On October 2 and 3, it was already the second session this year for the Flight Operations Directors, this time flight crew representatives of VDA, АТRАN, ABC. Following are comments by the participants. Director Flight Operations ABC: – During the two days, the following meetings important to VDG were held: VP VDG Strategic Management and …


Tricks of Pharma transport, or why airline studies chemistry


On a November Saturday morning, the company’s office in Moscow was filled with laughing children and their parents – attendees of another class at the Corporate University as part of the unique project “Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults”. Director of Pharmaceuticals Transport Operations Fyodor Novikov together with cheerful …


Our aircraft deliver satellites as well!


Our aircraft deliver satellites as well! It is autumn. The air is getting cool and children go to school… Some children started a new academic year not only at school, but also in the company of the participants of Corporate University’s unique project – “Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults”. Since 2016, the project has got …




“Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults” Project of the Corporate University held in Ulyanovsk came to an end on the last day of spring. All teams performed their final tasks… …and then celebrated their successful results! Entertaining Management for Kids and Adults” Project was launched in Ulyanovsk by the Corporate University in …


Want to be a leader!


The exciting preliminary program “I Want to Be a Leader” has started in Volga-Dnepr Group offices around the world. Classes for the candidates for the third group of the strategic management reserve training program “Future Leaders of Volga-Dnepr” were conducted in Ulyanovsk, Moscow, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Leipzig and Sharjah in …