April, 22 – English Day!


We are happy to announce the ENGLISH DAY to be held this Friday on April 22. All the company personnel disregarding the English level are welcome to participate in exciting contests, thematic “stations”, and many other entertaining activities. The date is not a random choice: the international English Day is celebrated this week (April 23d is …


The CEO always has to know what, where and when!


Volga-Dnepr Corporate University has launched the CEOs’ training program. The first seminar held in Moscow on April 4-5 gathered more than twenty Volga-Dnepr senior executives from different offices across the world. The participants commented that “live” training format meant to meet real-life business needs taught them to approach any …


Young Aviators in “Volga-Dnepr”


It has become a good tradition in our company to hold aviation Olympics for children from Moscow school №830 which speciality is ab-initio flight training. Another meeting with future pilots was held on March 31. The school studying program combines general academic subjects with a number of aviation disciplines, regular flights and even …