Training is going on!


The third module of the training program “Volga-Dnepr Future Leaders” was held on 21-24 September in Moscow. The first-day teacher Svetlana Samoletova, the Deputy Director of Corporate Education Department conducted the training on “Emotional Intelligence”. It was aimed at increasing the level of the participants’ emotional …


Human is again… a factor


September 29 was marked by another seminar in the School of Accident Prevention addressing the issue of “Aviation Transport Reliability Management as the Key Element of Accident Prevention on the Machine Factor”.  At the very beginning the focus was shifted to the Human factor, though. This was how J.Malevinsky, the School leader, adviser and …


The Company Standard on Mentorship is approved!

The president of the company Alexey Isaykin signed a very important for the VD group document – “Standard on Mentorship in Volga-Dnepr Group of Companies”, which will help to organize the work of both – the company mentors and those they guide, the company managers and employees.   The Standard comprises the goals and objectives of …


Riding the sky


For a day Volga-Dnepr Airlines has become a professional communication venue for the air traffic control experts from all over the country. The Operation Control Center (OCC) executives of the leading Russian airlines gathered to work together at the seminar “21 Century Air Transport Operations Center” held by the Volga-Dnepr Corporate …


Business and pleasure can’t go together? Yes, they can!


The 4th session of Volga-Dnepr Global School took place on 28-29 September in Stansted, UK and was devoted to customer relationship management. Let us remember that the 1st session took place in March 2014 in Moscow; the 2nd one was devoted to APAC region and was organized in July 2014 in Hong Kong; and the 3rd one was conducted in February 2014 in …