Solomyanny Alexey (Pilot, Boeing-747):

I have been twice on training in Volga-Dnepr aviation training center – in 2017 at my own expense,   and after joining the airline. I have greatly improved my English level. I can even say that I have mastered the language.  Both courses were conducted by Olga Zaytsevа. A special thing about classes is a lot of communication – you speak and listen much. Small groups provided even more opportunity for speaking. There was also a lot of pairwork followed by group discussions. It very much helped to think and speak in English.  Besides, there were games and different interactive activities which made classes interesting and exciting. At work we mostly use ICAO phraseology as most airports we fly to are international, so they use English there. I don’t have problems with the language now. The only thing is, of course, pronunciation – it takes time to get used to Chinese or American English. Anyway, the knowledge and skills acquired during training is enough. Training left only positive feelings! I wish everyone to feel this drive of learning English in Volga-Dnepr training center. Special thanks to Olga Zaytseva for the knowledge she shared.   

Dmitry Ivanchenko (Captain, An-124-100, IL-76):

I have chosen Volga-Dnepr for training as many of my colleagues did courses there and left positive feedback. Some of them have been working in Volga-Dnepr airlines for several years and are happy to have courses in the training center to improve English thanks to the center teachers. Doing Technical English course was incredible, I was really power-leveled! We were studying Boeing and Airbus. We had to learn a lot of things and do homework, and by the end of the course the group was ready for the exam. I got top marks! I really liked teaching methodology. Cards, texts, abbreviations. Teachers exercise both group and individual approach. I was really happy. Thank you, teachers, for your hard job and professionalism.   

Bagir Omayev (Pilot, Airbus 319/320/321):

I would like to recommend this educational institution because of high quality of training, teachers’ staff and attitude! Classes are very interesting and useful – that’s what they are able to combine.

Alik Kanayan (Pilot, B-737):

First of all, I would like to say thank you to this training center! Before training I could hardly have ICAO level 3, maybe lower. But after a lot of interesting classes, I grew up in English, I could feel my skills improving from class to class. Special thanks to Olga Skomorokhova, for she was preparing for every class better than we were. And together we achieved the result.

Vassily Sorokin  (Captain, An-124-100):

I did a Technical English course in Volga-Dnepr training center. I would like to note a comfortable atmosphere created there which greatly contributes to the quality of the studying process. Special thanks to our wonderful teachers for their professional, clear, accessible way of teaching. All this leaves the most positive emotions and willingness to come again to get new knowledge!!!

Vladislav Benkech (Pilot, Boeing-747,  AirBridgeCargo):

During training, I gained a huge amount of knowledge, from basic grammar to complex aviation topics. The teachers were very friendly and in case of problems were ready to find an easier way to explain things. We worked on phraseology at different flight stages, which is very useful and relevant to things we do at work now.  We also practiced general English. I have been on training in several training centers, but Volga-Dnepr is my favorite one, and I think I will return there more than once. Thank you, Olga Zaytseva and Elena Sinabdeeva.

Alexander Vakhrukov (Pilot, Airbus 319/320/321):

I did three training courses for aviation personnel in Volga-Dnepr training center. I enjoyed everything! The training organization was at the highest level, the teaching staff deserves the highest praise, and of course the training manuals are the best! Special thanks to Olga Skomorokhova for her professionalism and patience. I do recommend this training center and wish you not to be lazy!
Р.S.: Looking forward to aviation technical glossary.

Oleg Ganzin (Captain, Airbus 319/320/321):

I was on ab-initio training program in Volga-Dnepr training center in 2013. The program included international flight rules, air law, meteorology, aviation English.  I would like to thank all aviation English teachers. Many years of training experience, a high-level training base, carefully selected exciting training material and teachers’ care allowed me to successfully pass the exam and get ICAO level 4. A good level of English helped me pass the interview for a foreign aircraft type and get a job in one of Russian leading airlines.  

Vyacheslav Sychugov (Pilot, Boeing-777):

Let me express my gratitude to the staff of Volga-Dnepr aviation training center for their professional training in the field of aviation English. It’s a high-quality training and assistance to climb ICAO level 4, and to improve General English.

Jury Efremov (Pilot, Airbus 319/320/321):

I did an aviation English course in 2018. Before training my English was poor, not enough, neither for employment in an international airline, no for daily life. Two months of intensive classes helped me climb ICAO level 4. Now I can read technical documentation (FCOM, FCTM, AFM) and fiction in English. During the training I got into a useful habit of watching aviation-context videos in English. Excellent training base is not the only thing that contributes much to high quality of training. In the first place it is teachers’ fundamental professionalism, their ability to present the material, which makes training very efficient and comfortable. Mutual respect also contributes to training quality. Thank you very much to my teacher Olga Skomorokhova and all teaching staff. Thanks to you, hundreds of aviation specialists improve their language skills and professionalism every year. Thank you!    

Eugene Kovtunov (Captain, IL-76):

Skype classes were very useful and helped me raise confidence and improve language skills. I felt the difference after the course. It was a great learning journey and I’m grateful to very nice and professional teachers.

Dmitry Belov (UICA graduate:

After doing a 252-hour training program in Volga-Dnepr training center I successfully passed the language proficiency test and got level 4. 
I enjoyed the training very much – teachers consider the latest ICAO requirements to prepare pilots for international flights, they try to explain the material as clearly as possible and exercise individual approach. It’s important to conduct refresher courses for acting pilots. They taught us specifics of radio communication abroad.  There were a lot of handouts and interactive activities. Volga-Dnepr left only positive feelings. Thank you.    

Valentin Petrov (UICA graduate):

When I was a forth-year student I did a training course in Volga-Dnepr training center. Olga Zaytseva is an excellent teacher, she can explain the material very well. I believe that everyone who wants to pass a level test can do it. At the end of the course, all students from our group successfully passed the exam and were rated ICAO level 4. I am glad to have chosen Volga-Dnepr for training.

Danil Osipov (UICA graduate):

I was on training in Volga-Dnepr training center in 2018-2019. I want to express my gratitude to our teacher, Olga Zaytseva. In a 252-hour training program which I chose enough time is devoted to general English, which allows climbing level 4.  We had 3-hour classes 2-3 times a week. It’s worth noting that the teacher considers your training circumstances such as examination terms, holidays or flights, and it is possible to interrupt the training course for a short period of time (2-4 weeks).  Classes were  interesting and exciting. Every training day we got a handout, so, if you file them accurately, at the end of the course you have a whole book of useful information. There were a lot of audio and video materials. Phraseology was taught in detail.  Training was conducted in stages, combining aviation and general English. No mess, no confusion. Speaking, working in pairs was a priority. Classes were conducted in English only, which was an undeniable plus. There was one minus – too many (10-12) students in groups. In my opinion, there should be not more than 6. I definitely recommend this training center for preparation for a level test.

Jury Alpatov (Pilot, Boeing-747):

Caring and advanced teachers who could find approach to everyone, sharing knowledge for students to pass the level test, classes with modern equipment, visual aids – all of this can be found in Volga-Dnepr English language school. If I hadn’t done Technical English and Aviation English courses in your training center, finding a job would have been much more difficult.  

Vladimir Berezhnoy (Captain, An-124-100):

I enjoyed the course in the training center. Very much! The training is methodologically verified and is conducted at a high professional level. Teaching there is brought to perfection. So, all you need to do is study hard bringing no changes. I also appreciate doing mock exam. It increases confidence and contributes to success during examination. THANK YOU!

Ruslan Dudarkaev (Pilot, L-410):

I did the training course in Volga-Dnepr training center in 2019. And I would like to thank Olga Skomorokhova for interesting and productive classes, she is very professional. I made significant progress in two months. Teachers combine an intelligent attitude, a soft style of teaching and at the same time persistence, live interest and personalized approach to each student. This attitude and care of the teachers make classes more efficient.