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Head of educational and methodological department of AUTS

Korotina Marianna Nikolaevna

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Training Team Leader

Gubina Ekaterina Nikolaevna

Lead Training Organization Specialist

Prtyukova Marina Aleksandrovna

Operating mode

Monday 8 to 17
Tuesday 8 to 17
Thirsday from 8 to 17
Thursday 8 to 17
Friday 8 to 17
Saturday day off
Sunday day off

Local time (UTC + 4), difference with Moscow time +1 hour.

To get to the training center

  • from Railway station
  • Bus station
  • Ulyanovsk International Airport (Baratayevka) you can take a taxi
  • from downtown you can go by public minibus # 45,84,22,78,25 to the bus stop “Tridtsat sedmoj magazin”/ “Roddom”