Congratulations on International Civil Aviation Day


Today is an International Civil Aviation Day which was established back in 1994 to acknowledge the influence and input of the aviation industry. This year has demonstrated the significance of the air industry which guaranteed efficient and stable deliveries of PPE, medical equipment and other commodities needed amid the pandemic spread. …


Online training – sharing the experience


Our teachers took part in ICAEA Webinar concerning Teaching Aviation English Online​. Some famous and outstanding authors, such as Henry Emery (a specialist provider of aviation language training and testing services) Terence Gerighty (the author of English for Cabin Crew) and other 100 participantsshared their experience, discussed …




How to deal with a joint task?How to target the team on a specific task and think through the steps to implement it?How to tune in to the result?How to clear the path to the goal? Team coaching helps to answer these questions. It’s an effective tool allowing to find new solutions, improve intra-team communication, and unlock the creative …


Congratulations on International Civil Aviation Day!


We sincerely wish you equal number of successful take-offs and safe landings, thankful smiles of the passengers and cloudless sky 


In Love with Aviation


On November 19, it was the 6th time when schoolchildren from the Moscow secondary school with initial flight training visited Volga-Dnepr Airlines and the corporate aviation training center. Such meetings have already become a good tradition. The flight operation department specialists tested the children’s knowledge in the format of the …


Want a Free Tuition?


In 2019, Volga-Dnepr Corporate University celebrates its 25th anniversary. We celebrate our birthday by giving presents! WE LAUNCH A CONTEST FOR FREE AVIATION ENGLISH COURSE! To participate join our VK group. Use the link   to get involved. Keep your page open! It’s important.   Contest …


Celebrating the Anniversary!


In 2019, Volga-Dnepr Corporate University celebrated its 25th anniversary! Giving presents to our dear students is a wonderful celebrating tradition. A win-win lottery was conducted in the Aviation Training Center in Ulyanovsk where all the participants were awarded prizes with the company logo as well as certificates for one-to-one …


Happy Teacher’s Day!


This is how the students of the Aviation Training Center in Ulyanovsk congratulated their best-loved teachers on their main holiday – Teacher’s Day! How nice to receive kind words and attention from our students!


Teachers in the sky


For Aviation English teachers the beginning of 2015 started with Train the Trainers course held on board of B-747-400 – four teachers participated in ‘AirBridgeCargo’ flights. During the flights they had a chance to observe the busy cockpit ‘live’, to see how theory they taught in classrooms was put into practice, so as thereafter to …


From another perspective


In February 2015 two teachers from Aviation Training Center Gumanova Maria and Shumaeva Anna visited one of Moscow’s Air Traffic Control centers in Vnukovo.  There they could observe air traffic controllers at work, see the flights from their perspective and understand the specifics of radio exchange in Russian airspace.  Among the concerns the …