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Personnel Assessment

The XXth century was marked with the exponential growth of social sciences. Business priorities were set in favour of human assets as the subject to studies, protection and increase. The first step was made in the direction of personnel assessment, as assessment methods could make human assets measurable and manageable.

Assessment equally works for an employee and a team. The way employee’s competences are developed reflects his/her potential.

Below is the summary of some assessment methods according to SHL data.


Assessment Center is a method which comprises a competency based interview, psychological testing and a business simulation to assess the level of personnel competencies according to the competency model.

Competency based interview is a type of a structured interview based on the ability of a candidate to produce behavioral evidence aimed at revealing his/her professional competency.

Interview questions are meant to make candidates specify their reactions in particular situations which shows whether they possess or not given competencies.

360 Assessment is one of the methods to assess personnel competencies. This method gives personnel the opportunity to receive detailed and credible feedback from colleagues, managers and other staff members about their work.

 Questionnaire is a set of carefully considered questions meant to make a psychological portrait of a candidate, his/her preferences, attitudes, typical behavior.

 Team Assessment allows to identify possible interaction risks (role balance, successful interaction).

To successfully and effectively accomplish its business objectives the company studies and puts into practice the latest achievements in the area of personnel assessment.