VD Aviation Training Center exercises flexible custom-shaped pricing.

No, VD Aviation Training Center services are VAT-free.

In VD Aviation Training Center we marry theory to practice. Senior aviation specialists – experts of Volga-Dnepr Group – are involved in teaching to show the students unique field-specific experience of the company which has been the airfreight market leader for 25 years.  We offer cost-effective studies within adequate ‘price-quality’ combination. Courses and accommodation in Ulyanovsk are cost-efficient comparing to those in Moscow.

The Certificate has no expiration date. Though one of the grades – the level of language proficiency according to the ICAO scale – does. According to FAR 147 the assigned language proficiency level is:

  • valid for 3 years for ICAO level IV;
  • valid for 6 years for ICAO level V;
  • career-long for ICAO level VI.

ICAO Language Proficiency Test is applied for testing purposes in VD Aviation Training Center.

Test structure comprises three parts:

  1. “Introduction” – interview (personal questions, career, general topics) – 5 min.
  2. “Role-play” – pilot-controller interaction at one of the flight phases within the prescribed scenario. Includes non-standard and emergency situations – 10 min.
  3. “Video” – questions and comments on the job-related video – 15 min. (watching – 3 min, comments – 12 min)

Test duration: 30 minutes.

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