Let success become a part of your life. Nothing is easier.

Let success become a part of your life. Nothing is easier.

Engage your imagination:

– Imagine that you are a flight school graduate and you land a great job – isn’t it  success?

– Imagine that you are an expert in your field; and no important decision is made without your expert opinion – isn’t it success?

– Or maybe, despite the difficulties you faced, you continued on you goal, recruited your willpower and mastered a foreign language almost from scratch – isn’t it success?

If you answer these questions positively, you are halfway to success. 

Unfortunately, people are often unsuccessful because success for them is associated with expensive things, high job ranks, comfortable life. Often such people have to spend most of their lives in pursuit of material goods and power which is very exhausting, both physically and mentally. And, as you know, not everyone succeeds.

Success, first of all, is about feeling of joy, happiness, self-satisfaction, pleasure from achieved results. Even Aristotle would agree with it. Feeling of success can open up an unprecedented potential in you and lead you to new heights.


Success is not only an expensive car, a luxury house, a vacation on the islands.

Success means doing what you love, being encouraged by family and approved by colleagues, overcoming all the difficulties on the way, and achieving your goals.

Here are some tips to achieve success:

UN_31/ The starting point of any success is willingness.

Start wishing something that you need. Think globally, don’t be afraid to dream. Don’t build up artificial obstacles – don’t think about possible failure.

Try to visualize achieving the desired goal, make a colorful collage that reflects your future success, and stick it to the fridge.

UN_42/ Create the opportunities!

When you really want to achieve a certain result, decide on the ways to do it. Critically evaluates your capabilities and make an action plan. If you find it difficult, the best solution is to seek for professional advice from the field experts and make a clear personal development plan.

UN_63/ Success is a sum of efforts, repeated daily.

When you have a clear plan, it’s time to act.

Make it a rule to work on you goal every day. Let it be a small amount of time – at least five minutes. Don’t be lazy, you know exactly what you want.

UN_54/ Progress usually is achieved outside your comfort zone.

It’s a hard job. Knowledge, skills and abilities are not granted. As soon as you find yourself in an uncomfortable environment, your subconscious mind will start working for you. Trying to overcome your discomfort, you will begin to discover your potential. If at some point you want to give it up (this phenomenon is called a crisis), then come up to your fridge to see what you are giving up.

UN_75/ Start today!

The Golden rule is: Don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself today to yourself yesterday. Learn to see your success and your achievements. Be happy with yourself, praise yourself. Don’t forget that before you reach your goal, you will have many reasons to be proud of yourself. Every day before going to bed, remember what was good about the day, what you learned, what you enjoyed.

Believe in yourself!

Author: Olga Skomorokhova, teacher, PhD, CU Aviation Training Center