A welcome seminar was held for the technologists of the Unified Knowledge Management System (the UKMS) on March 16 in Moscow. The seminar was conducted within the strategic project “Aviation Industry Knowledge Center Teaming up Best Airfreight Experts”.  The participants from VDM, VDTM, ABC were informed about the Knowledge Center approved technologies on knowledge elicitation and key events description.

According to Eleonora Surina, project leader on “Key Events”, Knowledge Center is a so-called advisory ‘think-tank’ which is meant to store easily accessible and reliable knowledge in the form of ‘how’ solutions.


The seminar participants are interested in joining the project.

– This year we have new tasks, so we are going to train another team of technologists, whose job is to collect the company precious knowledge and make it available, – says Julia Gordeeva, project leader on “The Team of Technologists”. – Now we are forming a group of technologists who will both collect knowledge and upload it into the Unified Knowledge Management System.

Demonstration of the UKMS IT-platform test version was the highlight of the seminar. Dmitry Molchanov, IT deputy director, VDM, showed the system capabilities: search machine, fixed key events, Knowledge Center articles, expert cards.


The UKMS home page fragment. Test Version.

– I heard about the system, but I was afraid that it would be a giant storehouse of files easy to get lost,  shared her impressions Olga Lushnikova, leading auditor, VDTM.  Today all the doubts were left behind – the system has perfect navigation and a lot of capabilities. I really liked the presented format. I’m sure the UKMS will be very useful to support communication with customers, for example, to show them the details of a successfully performed transportation.

– It was really interesting to see the system, It’s cool! – adds Andrey Antonov, financial analyst, VDTM. – It’s a kind of Volga-Dnepr Google. It’s very important to have such access to knowledge. It’s worth much!


Mastering storytelling! Anastasia Nazarova is sharing her story.

At the seminar the participants had a chance to practise one of the knowledge tools – Storytelling. This tool makes it easier to process the information, as an idea packed in a story becomes more comprehensible.

Would you like to join the “Aviation Industry Knowledge Center” project team, to conduct precious knowledge, communicate with unique experts, describe a key event, or make the Corporate Google more user-friendly? Welcome! We will find something you’ll be very willing to realize. The project results are rewarded!

They will be happy to answer your questions:
Anastasiya Martynova, head of analytics department, VDM, deputy project manager;
Julia Gordeeva, compensation and benefits manager, VDM; project leader on “The Team of Technologists”.