Fighting Back-to-Work Blues

Dreaming at your desk about your recent trip?

Remembering your child’s face during those sweet family moments?

Not remembering you have a meeting in 10 minutes?

You are not alone.

The following BACK-TO-WORK TIPS will help you tune in to work after a vacation.

 Back-to-Work Survival Guide

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Read the tips below and fill in the gaps with following linkers and prepositions: so that (так чтобы); otherwise (иначе); as (так как); before (перед); in order to (чтобы).

  1. Try, if it is certainly possible, break your vacation into several parts. It is much easier to return from less long-term vacation, and to know that this year you still have a few days left.
  2. If you spend your holidays somewhere, try to return home a few days before work begins ………………………… adjust your sleep, dismantle the suitcases, and mentally tune in to the upcoming workdays.
  3. Try to take a vacation ……………………. the first day of going to work fell out in the middle of the week. ………………………, the first working week can be unbearably long and painful. So, let it be a little shorter.
  4. …………………… you go to work after a vacation, think of what is good about your work and why you love it. Scroll through the memory of all the positive moments, related both to the work itself and to your co-workers.
  5. Try to devote your free time to pleasant communication, walking, raids on nature or visiting entertainment activities. This will create the feeling that the vacation is not over yet, and will help you get used to the working rhythm faster.
  6. To return to work after a vacation without depression and nervous disorders, pay attention to your health, do not ignore fresh air, vitamins, exercises. Black chocolate can also help to raise the mood, ………………… it raises the level of endorphins (hormones of happiness) in the blood, which will help to cope with stress. And smile more often.

Can you add your own secret on how successfully to make transition from vacation to work mode?

Back-to-Work Five Useful Phrases

To tune in to work after a good and long vacation it’s better and less stressful to do it gradually.

You have a lot of things to do. It’s Ok.

Set the priorities right.

Let your mind and body get used to working rhythm.

Just take one thing at a time.

Tune in to something – настроиться на что-либо;

Things to do – дела;

Take one thing at a time — не берись за все сразу;

Get used to something – привыкнуть к чему-либо;

Set the priorities right – расставить приоритеты.

Learn these phrases and use them in your own examples.

Back-to-Work Jokes

‘She’s in post-vacation shock. Two weeks off and she feels like she never left.’

‘I just realized the ‘e’ in ’email’ must stand for eternal.’

John was bck from extended leave, but he hadn’t quite got in the swing of things yet.

‘I bring news from the office.’