How to open and close presentations? — Presentation video lesson

They say that 80 % of any presentation success depends on how we start and finish it. Watch the video to learn how to open and close your presentation most efficiently.


Stylistic Devices for Memorable Speech

“Eloquence doesn’t come to the lazy”, said Demosthenes, one of the most famous ancient public speakers in Greece.  If you want to influence your audience, change their opinions, beliefs, attitudes, impress them, you must remember two things: 1) your presentation must be well-prepared with facts, arguments, figures and ideas, 2) your speech …


13 Public Speaking Tips of the Best TED Talks


Public Speaking is a skill that takes years to develop, but there are some simple ways to instantly improve your speaking and presentation skills. Here are simple tips for preparing, practicing, and rapidly improving your ability. And as a bonus, each tip includes a link to an awesome TED Talk; not only can you see great speakers in action, you can …