Volga-Dnepr Design Office was set up in 2012 as a separate division to provide innovative engineering solutions in support of the needs within Volga-Dnepr Group. The chief designer of An-124 aircraft Victor Tolmachev (1934-2018) stood at the origins of its establishment. The design office became a platform for transferring the unique experience and knowledge in aircraft design, specifically heavy transport airplanes, to specialists of the engineering center. AMTES Engineering Center eventually evolved from this early design office initiative.

Engineering Center today
We are a team of highly qualified design engineers and dedicated specialists from prominent Russian aviation industry engineering universities with solid work experience in major Russian and western aircraft manufacturers and design offices, such as MiG, Sukhoi, Ilyushin, Tupolev, Airbus, Boeing and others.
The engineering center now unites over 80 core specialists in various fields in Germany (Leipzig), Russia (Moscow, Ulyanovsk) and Ukraine (Kiev).
In our work, we utilize best practices, advanced methods and newest software products.
AMTES currently holds Russian CAA AP-21 Design Organization Approval, with EASA Part-21 DOA pending.

Our competencies

1. An-124-100 aircraft life extension and release to next assigned life intervals
2. An-124-100 fleet in-service design/engineering support & supervision (e.g. SBs, modifications/alterations/repairs, maintenance procedures, etc.)
3. An-124-100 supplemental type certificate modifications
4. Certification of aeronautical products
5. Comprehensive arrangement and conduct of tests
6. Development of special cargo (load/offload) systems, transport tooling and GSE for An-124-100, IL-76TD, B747 and B737 aircraft
7. Conceptual design
8. Development of design and operating/maintenance data
9. Structural, weight, aerodynamic analysis

Our facilities
1. DesignCATIASolidWorksAutoCAD
• Structural and aerodynamic analysis
3. FlowVision
4. Altai (crack growth analysis)
• Reliability analysisDedicated SW module (part of proprietary Accident Prevention and Prediction System)
o Non-destructive testing
• Eddy current flaw detector TVD-A
• Magnetic particle flaw detector MPD-1
• Ultrasonic flaw detector ID-91
• Videoscope system IPLEX OLYMPUS SA11R
• Rigid endoscope ELZh-3
• Flexible endoscope ETG8-1,5
• Ultrasonic thickness gauge Bulat-18
• Engine inspection
• Borescope Everest XLG3PM130

Our projects:
The design organization approval granted to AMTES GmbH on 8 December 2017. It enables us to make changes in design of An-124-100 aircraft, including aircraft life control and modification development. AMTES GmbH is authorized and fully responsible for continuing airworthiness assurance of Volga-Dnepr Airlines’ An-124-100 fleet.

1. Comprehensive continuing airworthiness support services have been provided and service life has been extended for seven An-124-100 aircraft.
2. In-service design and engineering support has been assured for the fleet of twelve An-124-100 aircraft (e.g. reliability analysis, non-routine repairs, technical data adjustment, etc.).
3. ADS-B Out v.2 STC has been obtained with four An-124-100s already modified.

• ADS-B Out v.2 functionality major change certification for An-124-100;
• Changes to the aircraft modification certification basis were developed;
• Supplemental certification test program was developed and approved;
• Prototype supplemental certification tests were carried out;
• Russian CAA-approved modification bulletin was effected;
• STC was granted;
• An-124-100 aircraft ADS-B Out v.2 physical modification;
• Four aircraft (out of 12) were modified;
• NXT-800 transponder was installed to replace the existing XS-950 transponder;
• CMA-5024 GPS/SBAS landing system sensor unit was installed;
• Remote annunciator for pilots in the cockpit was installed;
• An-124-100 aircraft modernized avionics project (CNC/ATM – PBN, CPDLC compliance, reduced crew) – in progress;
• Prototype aircraft was modified, including installations of:
• New avionics units;
• Antennas;
• Control panels;
• Electrical wiring interconnect system modifications.

• A number of UAV designs and prototypes were developed, including a convertiplane (tilt-rotor) design, to deliver shipments weighing up to 2 kg;
• A concept of future transport airplane was developed to embrace market trends and industry requirements;
• Various innovative airframe design solutions were analyzed as part of the future transport airplane concept;
• New methodological approaches were developed to support the design of transport airplanes based on mathematical modeling and simulation of airplane performance depending on market assumptions and economic viability.

• IL-76TD-90VD loading tooling for one-piece cargo items weighing up to 50 tons
• An-124-100 loading tooling for one-piece cargo items with linear load up to 7 t/m
• Mobile loader for B-747F and B-737F aircraft
• ULD/pallet handling system for An-124-100 aircraft, using rollers, locks and power drive units, and reducing load/offload times to 1.5 – 2.5 hours
• Foldable/collapsible containers for E-commerce shipments
• Cargo load/offload system with no need to use an extension ramp
• Cargo system for standard sea containers
• Quick-mount hi-loader adapter for efficient load/offload of long-length cargo items
• Special container for temperature-sensitive shipments
• Versatile maintenance stand for B747 aircraft
• An-124-100 overhead crane wireless control system

We offer
1. Integrated ‘package’ services:
1.1. Comprehensive aircraft continuing airworthiness support and life extension
1.2. Development of aircraft modifications (An-124-100)
1.3. Aircraft in-service design/engineering support
1.4. Development of cargo (load/offload/transport/handling) systems, special tooling and ground support equipment
2. Design/engineering services:
2.1. Development of aircraft design requirements and specifications, conceptual design
2.2. Development of design and operating/maintenance data and other technical publications
2.3. 3D-modeling of parts, units and assemblies
2.4. Structural, weight and aerodynamic analysis
2.5. Animation and visualization of design objects
2.4. Structural, weight and aerodynamic analysis
2.5. Animation and visualization of design objects
2.6. Development of aircraft condition assessment/inspection programs
2.7. Aircraft condition assessment/inspection
2.8. Production process engineering support
3. Engineering consulting and/or expert review services:
3.1. Aircraft design solutions
3.2. Arrangement and management of aircraft tests
3.3. Claims and warranty issues with engine manufacturers
3.4. In-service engine support for continuing airworthiness assurance (D-18T/PS-90/GE CF6-80, GnX)
3.5. Liaison and contracting with western avionics manufacturers/suppliers/partners
3.6. Structural, weight and aerodynamic analysis
3.7. Aircraft certification and test process/procedures