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The Corporate University spring season was crowned with another successful training session held on May 23-24, 2016 in Seattle. The training was conducted within the CU School of Global VD employee.    

The training program was initiated in March 2014 in Moscow; the second session was held in Hong Kong in July the same year; the third was in Ulyanovsk in February 2015; the forth was conducted in Stensted in September 2015.

The fifth training session avenue was not selected by accident. Seattle is the home city of the Boeing Company, which aircraft comprise the AirBridgeCargo fleet. The training was possible due to close cooperation with the Boeing and GE, which representatives participated in live discussion on collaborative services promotion.


  1. To unite and motivate the managers of the foreign offices to reach the strategic goals- the percentage of their participation in reaching the strategic goals is higher than in 2013.
  2. The representatives of the various structural units communicate on the regular basis. 90% of the managers from the regional offices have attended the training sessions. The minimum program is to communicate regularly. Communication systems can be both formal and informal.
School Leader: Lilia Khusnutdinova

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