“I am deeply convinced that when we get knowledge nothing is impossible”
Alexey Isaykin, the Group president

Creating the culture based on saving knowledge about customers, for customers and from customers is the goal of the company strategic project “Aviation Industry Knowledge Center Teaming up Best Airfreight Experts”.

Any development and improvement is based on knowledge:
– What to know/do to move on?
– Where to get necessary information and documents? Who to ask?
– How to use the company and the industry experience to solve current and future problems?

These and other questions are in the focus of the project team.

Developing the Knowledge Center they

  • collect documents, materials, expert opinions on different subjects; create Information System with the perfect searching machine which will allow to find knowledge within seconds;
  • organize the expert community to make it possible to get consultation from the company or the industry expert;
  • describe the company unique experience – key events which formed and changed the company and its strategy, and were beneficial for customers; network and study with the customers on global summit venues, regional seminars and outside classrooms.

What is Aviation Industry Knowledge Center?

1. It’s keeping you upgraded about
– the company values,
– the company procedures, policies, standards (including compliance, quality, safety),
– the company services, expertise on unique transportation, the company capabilities, its best employees and key events.

2. It’s possibility for co-development
– conferences, seminars, training,
– co-working on business tasks.

3. IT’s consultations on complicated logistics and engineering solutions given by the company and the industry experts;

4. It’s data bases and analytics on airfreight logistics and business analytics (made together with customers).

The project “Aviation Industry Knowledge Center Teaming up Best Airfreight Experts” is meant for all the company employees and customers.
We believe that knowledge sharing environment will help the company to make its customers happy.

Project team members:

  Name Position Area of responsibility
1 Isaykina Galina Corporate Education Department (CED) director, VDM Project manager
2 Martynova Anastasiya Head of analytics department of the CED, VDM Deputy project manager
3 Surina Eleonora Leading Expert in flight safety and Human factors, VDM Group leader “Key events”
4 Kukanov Alexey CIO VDM “Common information knowledge system” group leader
5 Nizkov Victor President adviser, VDM Project team member
6 Seryogin Alexey Knowledge Center technologist, VDM Project team member
7 Dyatlov Andrey Quality Director, VDM Expert
8 Gordeeva Julia Compensation and benefits leading specialist, VDM “Team of technologists” group leader
9 Seregin Alexey CED technologist, VDM  “Book of recognition” group leader, “Knowledge elicitation” group participant
10 Golovnin Sergey Leading specialist on certification, VDA “Inner customers” group leader
11 Plotnikova Natalia PM “Logistics Knowledge Module for Boeing and GE”, VDM “Expert team” group leader
12 Burmistrov Sergey Leading specialist on accident prevention economics,  VDM
13 Ponomareva Lubov Deputy director on strategic management, VDM expert
14 Tolmacheva Julia Expert analyst,  VDM

Also involved:

  Name Position Area of responsibility
1 Sadykova Olga Managing director, CU “Expert team” group participant
2 Mozgo Alexandra Aviation English teacher, CU “Key events”, “Technologies” group participant
3 Bashkirtseva Natalia New products efficiency analyst, BDTM “Key events” group participant
4 Parfenov Alexander System administrator, ABC
5 Kozyrev Alexey Information environment analyst, VDM


By October 2017 the project performance status proves the work of the project team to be active and efficient:

  1. The project passport is approved.
  2. The Knowledge Management Conception is developed and approved.
  3. The knowledge identification/elicitation/structuring/preserving/utilization technologies are developed and approved.
  4. The Conception of The Book of Recognition is developed and approved. 11 articles (out of 25) are approved.
  5. The Conception of The Company Experience Book is approved. 284 key events of the 25-year company history are approved. Information about 90 key events is collected. Information on some events was collected within two contests held in 2016 and 2017. Seminars on collecting “live knowledge” are conducted to support the initiative of The Company Experience Book. The first seminar “The Alphabet of the Company Formation – from ABC to …” held on February 19, 2017 turned into a research venue to understand the key success factors for setting up new company businesses, as exemplified by establishing the company subgroup on regular flights. Another seminar “Flights to High-risk Airfields like Afghanistan” gathered the first flight crew of the Afghan program to recollect the key success factors of the Afghan program performance, to share valuable knowledge and lessons learnt.
  6. The Knowledge Center technologist’s job profile and performance review documents are developed and approved. A mobile team of technologists is formed and trained. They are “the bees” collecting the precious “knowledge honey” who have already interviewed more than 220 experts on charter and regular transportation processes, and on the airworthiness maintenance process.
  7. The Knowledge Center goal-oriented organizational model 2020 is based on the order of inner and outer customers.
  8. Followed the order of the Project management committee extensive knowledge elicitation on major company processes has been conducted
    – in VDTM;
    – in AirBridgeCargo Airlines with the leader Fedor Novikov, the participant of the company management reserve training program “Future leaders”;
    – in Volga-Dnepr Airlines with the project group leaders with Rodion Nelidov, the participant of the company management reserve training program “Future leaders”;
    – in VDM;
    – in Airworthiness maintenance (including VD Gulf and AMTES) with the leader Alexey Mikheev;
    – in Transportation Control Center with the leader Timur Scherbakov, flight emission and aeronautical support manager.
  9. The project team has started the implementation of the Unified Information System which is based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform and is very friendly and accessible environment to let the users find the information within seconds. Besides, the system will be accessible from any device worldwide. It will have rubrics, tags and specific services which will expedite the information search.
  10. More than 15% of the company employees are involved in knowledge and experience sharing for the project different initiatives: for the Book of Recognition, for knowledge elicitation, for key events description.
  11.  A Welcome seminar for the Unified Information System technologists was conducted in March 2017. For the details use the link.
  12. 132 expert cards were completed and uploaded to the Unified Information System.

For more information about the project results in 2016-2017 use the link.

If you feel like participating in realization of this captivating and challenging idea – join us! You are more than welcome!