Meet the “need for speed” customer!

Three, two, one… GO! Don’t forget to fasten your seat belts!

“Meet the “need for speed” customer” online seminar was held this week by VDG Knowledge Center. As the name suggests, the seminar was dedicated to the transportation of sports motorcycles and cars.

Our experts, Eric Lamare and Martin Rim spoke about the motorsport customers.

“What I very much liked is that this seminar perfectly highlighted we do things others try to do or simply can’t do”, shares one of the participants. “This is truly a paramount factor that helps out to create a competitive advantage and entails business development”.

Want to know how we:

•        Entered the Superbike World Championship charter business?

•        Gained the customer trust?

•        Offered additional logistic services?

Watch the video in the Unified Information Knowledge System at km.volga-dnepr.com.