Meet the Customer!

What customers do we work for? Who are brokers, forwarders and principals? And whom we have transported the largest number of cargo for? In Moscow, the team of the Volga-Dnepr Knowledge Center conducted a series of interactive seminars where colleagues learned the answers to these and many other questions on our customers, about how the company benefits them.

The first seminars “Meet the Customer!” were held in March and June. The presentation part was performed by our company experts. Ekaterina Furenkova, Lead ethics specialist described more detailed information about the company’s values in bringing benefit to the customers. Further, Aliya Fatkulova, Sales Specialist, Volga-Dnepr Airlines LLC (VDA), spoke about our customers in charter cargo operations; Vasily Borychev, Deputy Commercial Director for Key Customers, AirBridgeCargo Airlines LLC(ABC) – about our customers in regular cargo operations as well as Petr Kirichenko, Deputy Commercial Director for Administrative Management, ABC.

On accomplishment of the presentations, the speakers were engaged in group work, which enhanced better understanding of how  the work of each employee contributes to the customer’s benefit.

A prize quiz was a pleasant outcome of the seminar with the souvenirs released by the Knowledge Center.

The participants share their impressions:

Victoria Kostyukevich, Head of HR assessment and development division, ABC:

– The seminar is very interesting, and mainly it motivates to learn more and more about our customers. The organizers succeeded in creation of a positive and trusting atmosphere, where we were feeling   like asking questions, clarifying and discussing the issues.The invited speakers do know firsthand about our customers, about the tasks that confronted our colleagues and the ways to solve them. That was absolutely exciting! As an employee – I am looking forward to keeping on acquaintance with new cases, as a specialist responsible for training – I am hoping for another repeated seminar and the opportunity for all concerned colleagues to participate and get to know our customers.

Valeria Volkova, Lead specialist on Aircraft certification, VDA:

– Our Group of companies – is just an ocean of opportunities for each of us, especially – in personal fulfilment. On such seminars we aren’t free just to learn something new but also interact with colleagues from different divisions, that mostly doesn’t happen in regular work activities.

Dmitry Kuzminov, Lead Specialist, Aviation Safety division, ATRAN:

– To my mind, this kind of seminar should be conducted more frequently and with a wider range of the Group’s staff engaged. Customers – are those people (companies, organizations), for whom we conscientiously work, do our best to bring benefit, share and gain knowledge. Therefore, each employee of our large team should know for whom and for what he does his job.

Do you want to learn more about our customers?

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