Bringing benefit to customers through efficient procurement

The second Global procurement conference was held in Moscow on November 8th and 9th, bringing together Volga-Dnepr executives, managers and key employees of all structural units procurement departments.

Videos of all speeches are already available in the Consolidated information knowledge system – just click the link in the text! (the links are available only for the company’s employees and within internal corporate network).

Then, Sergey Pedan, Vice President, HR management told about successful implementation of the project on procurement management system centralization.  He also pointed out that earlier there were 170 people

Dmitry Malkov, Manager, Strategy and purchases management department, VDM went on with details about procurement system key elements and their interrelation.

engaged in procurement processes of Group of companies and now – 75 specially selected and trained professionals, that made it possible to reduce purchases costs.

Dmitry Malkov, Manager, Strategy and purchases management department, VDM went on with details about procurement system key elements and their interrelation.

Lilia Khusnutdinova, Ethics director, made a presentation on Volga-Dnepr values as a purchase tool.

External experts shared innovate experience and best practices in the procurement management of an international company:


Oksana Makarkina, K&N company;

Irina Povoroznik, “Severstal” company.

The conference second day’s speakers were Andrey Malanov, specialist, Analysis and procurement control, who told about procurement automation (video available only into Russian) and Alexey Kukanov, IT Director, VDM, who presented in detail the IT-architecture of the procurement system. (video available only into Russian)

The conference was brought to a close by participants’ joint formulation of suggestions on procurement strategy update.

The results of the conference were summarized by Dmitry Malkov, Manager, Strategy and procurement management department, VDM:

– The conference was very useful as allowed to:

  1. Clarify understanding of the Company’s procurement system by managers, identify issues for further working out and preparing material for consideration.
  2. Discuss key issues in procurement, including participation of foreign companies of the Group and partner companies (CLA).
  3. Understand the experience in implementation of procurement processes IT-automation in K&N company and Severstal company, see possible ways of IT-automation development in  Volga-Dnepr.
  4. Within professional circle define possible further steps towards procurement system development.

Participants shared their impressions:

Frank de Jong, Chief Operating Officer, CLA:

– The most important takeout both for me and for other employees is that we should take advantage of the corporate procurement system power, and although AirBridgeCargo is the biggest part of the group, it’s also needed to listen and take into consideration the smaller parts in the group, thus the total picture and the total wish list will be combined. That would be my key message and takeout but also my recommendation.


Alexander Dammer, Director, Procurement, AMTES

– Such conferences – are a great opportunity to share opinions, find out who and what stage are in currently. Would like to point out excellent speeches of our guests from K&N company and Severstal company! They are much experienced in procurement area and, in my opinion, we  should cooperate with them. I was much impressed by Alexey Kukanov’s speech together with his approaсh. I was also pleased that IT development concept was approved by Board of directors, that nowadays allows to create project teams and plan financing. But the experience of Severstal is worth taking into account: the project should be tested on one structural unit, and only then expanded to all others.

Syed Abdul Farooq, Manager, ground services procurement, CLA:

– The most important thing I would like to highlight – is Mr. Isaykin presence at the meeting and an opportunity to get to learn his vision. That was the most impressive part of a day. The second valuable thing was meeting the colleagues from ABC. We are one family. We might be different companies on the paper, but finally we are one company. Thanks!