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6 Secret Skills for Increasing Your Charisma Potential

What does being charismatic mean? Think of it in terms of MIND, BODY, SPIRIT and LANGUAGE. Read the article to learn 8 secret skills of how to increase your charismatic potential. The Charismatic Mind Charismatic people engage the minds of others. Their ideas and ideals tend to raise our vision above the mundane. To enhance the charisma mastery of …


50 классных ресурсов на английском языке для прекрасных дам


8 марта — замечательный весенний праздник, поэтому мы не могли не подготовить маленький сюрприз для всех наших читательниц. Только для девушек — 50 действительно полезных сайтов, которые …


Beautiful Story Reveals A Woman’s Only Flaw

By the time the Lord made woman, He was into his Sixth day of working overtime. An Angel appeared and said, «Why are you spending so much time on this one?» And the Lord said, «Have you seen that specification list on her? She has to have more than 200 movable parts, all replaceable, to run on any food, to have a lap that can hold …


Все готовятся, а наши – сдали!


4 марта в обстановке строжайшей секретности наши слушатели сдали FCE – международный экзамен на сертификат уровня B2. Сессия проводилась на базе нашей школы совместно с сертифицированным …




If you would like to understand what women do mean when they say “fine”, consider buying a WOMAN LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR. They say it helps, sometimes…  


Cartoons about women

In the beginning, God created earth and rested. Then God created man and rested. Then God created woman. Since then, neither God nor man has rested.


Attributes of Real Women

Real women let their actions, attitude, grace and personal style do the talking. If you would like to learn more attributes of REAL women read on. Attributes of a real woman: Real women turn heads without dressing provocatively. Real women don’t “demand” respect. They don’t have to…Real women effortlessly command Real women …