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Tips For Packing


Packing well is an art: Frequent travelers know how to pack as little as possible while still toting everything they’ll need. This infographic shows exactly where each item belongs. This is what a well-packed suitcase should really look like: Glossary Take on odors Пропахнуть Get …


10 Tips To Avoid An Illness & Accident On Holiday

Going abroad can make you susceptible to numerous niggling complaints, including prickly heat, upset stomachs and allergic reactions. So just in case, here’s how to avoid holiday illnesses. Glossary Undercooked meal Недоваренная еда Stick to smth Придерживаться чего-либо Murky Мутный In the …


TRAVEL TIPS: How To Stay Safe


Safety is the first priority when you are travelling, especially now when the world in some of its most popular places is too far from being peaceful and welcoming.  This simple yet very useful video guide will help you feel safe wherever you go.  


11 Hot Tips for Holidaymakers

Millions of people are expected to head overseas on holiday between July and September. To help you enjoy a hassle-free holiday this summer, make sure you take into account these top travel tips for holidaymakers. 1. Check your passport in plenty of time No one wants to face an extra expense on their passport urgent renewal just before departing, …


TEENS’ CLUB: «Teen Titans Go!»


«Было очень весело!», «Мне понравилось», «Хорошо поработали и сдружились», «Проводите такие мероприятия чаще!» Такие отзывы оставили ребята после супергеройского квеста в …


5 Useful Summer Expressions

There are some useful expressions to share your summer stories with us. I went to …. (the sea, the village, the city) The place was… (wonderful, beautiful, amazing) I went … (alone, with family, with friends) I got by … there (car, plane, bus, train, boat) I stayed at …. (a hotel, my relatives, my friends)


How to Spend Your Holidays Without Getting Bored

Are you spending your holidays sitting around bored with nothing to do? Don’t waste your precious days off — there many, many things you can do to occupy yourself, even if holidays are a week long or longer. You can find many ways to fill your days, both inside and out, using your intellect or your creative energies, or simply hanging …


10 Best Ways To Spend Summer

We did a research on the 10 best ways to spend summer. Here’s what we came up with. Top-10 summer activities 10. Travel and Share Your Experiences 9. Out Door Passion 8. Pick, Smell and Share Summer Flowers 7. Summer Sports 6. Summer Barbecue 5. Summer Walks 4. Visit an Amusement Park or Garden 3. Summer Picnics 2. Take a City Tour 1. A Day at …


City Camp: Дневник первой смены


С 6 по 10 июня в школе на Промышленной проходит первая смена летнего городского лагеря City Camp. В первой половине дня преподаватели с ребятами занимаются английским языком по теме дня, а во …



Glossary Respond to proposals – ответить на предложения Wag one’s tail – вилять хвостом Toss a bone – бросать кость Breakthrough — прорыв Be negotiable – быть обсуждаемым Integrity – целостность, принципиальность, неподкупность Find common ground – найти общий язык


Study the infographic!

Need more information to get ready for negotiations? Follow the route.



Professionals must know how to negotiate well to successfully close deals, avoid conflicts, improve relations among the employees and make the organization a better place to work. To go through some handy tips for professionals for a successful negotiation read on. Be Confident No matter how desperate you may be, your confidence will set your …


The Art of Negotiation (video)

Maria Ploumaki (Switzerland) works with global businesses, executing strategies and negotiations for them that significantly improve their value chain and competitive advantage. She has achieved extraordinary results in global procurement, supply chain management and market share improvement. Maria describes the most important skills behind …


Negotiation Vocabulary


These words will help you express yourself during negotiations. Word Meaning Example sentence Alternatives nozun other options We can’t offer you the raise you requested, but let’s discuss some other alternatives. Amplify (развить/дополнить) verb expand; give more information Could you amplify on your …


KIDS’ CLUB «Goodbye Party»


28 мая в детском клубе на Сурова прошла прощальная вечеринка. Все участники остались очень довольны, получили массу позитивных впечатлений и подарков! Разделившись на команды, ребята …


English Weekend «Cinema & Theatre»

Интенсивный тренинг English Weekend прошел 29 мая в школе Volga-Dnepr PRO на Мира. Занятием на тему «Театр и Кинематограф» преподаватели завершили учебный сезон. В первой части слушатели обсуждали …